How to show prices in a bar or restaurant

On some occasions, you may have had a misunderstanding with prices, signage, or discounts at bars and restaurants . It is usual to go to a bar and not be clear about how much is paid and why it is paid. In the following article we will explain how the price of things should be indicated in bars, cafes and restaurants.

Steps to follow:


The establishment must have the price list available to customers, it must be public and visible information.


In the price list it should be clear, if necessary, the price of the drink as it is taken in the bar on the terrace.


It is advisable to put the price list in a place very close to the bar or in menus above the tables, since to avoid problems with customers it is recommended that the customer knows that it will cost that consumption.


It is necessary to ask for the ticket of the consumption made and to verify that the price of each one of them coincides with the one indicated in the price list.


It is necessary to take into account that the VAT must be included or broken down in the price of each drink, and that the establishment must include it in the price list and it must be specified in the ticket.


The bar or restaurant is obliged to have claim sheets .


In the case of breach of some of these points you can ask for the claim form and present it in the consumer's office, here you will find the nearest office: // table = omic

  • We recommend that if you have problems with your bar or restaurant keep calm.