How an ATM works

For speed and convenience, ATMs help to perform banking operations personally. With a credit / debit card, you can access any of the ATMs of your bank or savings bank and perform any operation you want: deposit money, withdraw money, check balance, charge mobile phones, buy transport cards and cultural events, etc. Do you know how? In .com we explain how an ATM works .

Steps to follow:


With your card, you can access your personal account . You have to enter it in the corresponding slot and wait for the cashier to charge and recognize it. Once inside, it is very easy and intuitive, the same teller points out the steps to follow.


Once the cashier recognizes your card, you need to enter an identification key that will prove that you own the card and that you are not committing an infraction or theft. The cashier will indicate on the screen where you should enter the number.


At the moment that the cashier recognizes your password, you can begin to perform the desired operations . The same cashier will indicate on the screen what you can do.


You just have to press the button of the indicated operation. Once inside this, you have to follow the steps indicated by the ATM. You will have to choose little by little until you reach the end.


Once finalized, the cashier will give you the option to print a receipt with the operation performed. It is advisable to print it, in case you had any subsequent mishap, so you can demonstrate your operation.


Remember to take out the card and make sure before leaving that you have completely left your account, so that the next user can not access.

  • Always print the voucher for your operations.
  • Do not type your personal number near other people.