How to train a bull terrier

The bull terrier is a dog breed of much temperament. In addition, they have a stubborn personality and nervous behavior, which leads the owner of these dogs to need to train them properly to be able to handle them and thus avoid representing a danger to people. In this article we will guide you on how to train a bull terrier .

Basic education

The basic education of a bull terrier consists in the teaching of some orders that will facilitate the coexistence with the dog. These include learning where to defecate. To get your pet defecates in a certain place, you should always place newspaper in that area and, every time you do your needs there, reward them with a special cookie while you congratulate them by emitting a cheerful "Very good".

However, when you defecate in an area that is not the desired one, you do not quarrel, but it is preferable to ignore it, because when you scold it you could eat your own stool when you do it again to avoid giving yourself away. Therefore, if you are rewarded and congratulated for doing it in the right place, you will know that you are acting well and you will learn that this is the right place to do it always.

Regarding to take him out to the street to walk and relieve himself, it is recommended to do it habitually, especially when he is a puppy. At early ages, it is advisable to take it out just after waking up, after meals, after drinking water and after napping. You have to try to do it always respecting some schedules, because these dogs are guided by the routines. Once you have defecated during one of your walks, congratulate him with a prize, for example, some charcuterie, so that he understands that it is okay to go out and do his things there. When it becomes adult, it is recommended to limit the exits to 3 or 4 a day.

Make him relax when touched

When you get home, it is appropriate that you approach your dog and touch his whole body so that he can get used to being quietly caressed without feeling upset about it. This also facilitates when you go to the veterinarian is quiet, or that his master can recognize him physically without being altered.

Do not bite the furniture

Also, if we want to prevent our dog from biting the furniture, we should not scold him with a "No". Instead we should ignore it, because if we scold him he will do it again when he realizes that he is achieving his purpose: to attract attention. To avoid that, we must go to another room and make some noise to arouse their interest, but without calling, and the dog will come to you, ceasing to bite the furniture.

Avoid getting on the couch

If you intend to prevent your dog from sitting on the couch, grab it by the skin on the back of his neck, zaranéale and lower it while saying "No" firmly. This method is the one used by mothers with their puppies and it is very useful to apply it.

On the other hand, if the bull terrier is already on the couch, we should simply take a special cookie or prize for dogs, place it under the floor, holding it with your hand, and call him to take it. When I go down to pick it up, give it to him and congratulate him. Repeating this exercise usually, you will achieve that your pet does not continue climbing to the sofa or bed. Discover more tips in the article How to prevent my dog ​​from getting on furniture.

Make him come to you when you call him

Getting him to come when you say his name is very simple. However, you have to keep in mind that calling him for diminutives is not a good idea, because it can confuse him. So always use the same name to call him. First, you must repeat it regularly so that you can associate it with yourself. Then take a reward as a cookie or similar and call her by her name by adding "Come." When he comes to you, give him your prize and praise him for obeying you.

Ways to congratulate your dog

Obviously it would be exhausting to be all your dog's life giving him prizes every time he does something correctly. So once you have learned all the basic exercises normally, we will begin to alternate the prizes with words of praise and congratulation, such as "Very good" or "Good boy", until in the end we will eliminate the physical rewards and keep the verbal samples .

Give the leg

Among the most common exercises that a bull terrier can learn, here we show you how to teach him to give the leg. The first thing you should do is take, as always, a prize or cookie for dogs. Next, put your hand on the ground and make it smell the food. He will raise his paw over your hand to see what is hidden in it, moment that you will take to say the command "Pata", and then you give him his prize. Each time you repeat this exercise, raise your hand more from the ground so that he can raise his leg more, learning to give you the leg.