Trick to better clean the windshield (car glasses)

Sometimes you want to clean the windshield of the car and it looks good. I never understood how the kids who clean it in the corners do it so well only with water, that's why here I bring you a trick to make it better cleaned. Even better than in many laundries where of so many cars, they do not leave you well.

You will need to:
  • 1 tablespoon of shampoo (shapoo for hair).
  • 1 liter of water.
Steps to follow:


The first thing we are going to do to leave the glasses of the car like the jets of gold is to mix the ingredients that are a little lower in the indicated amounts: water and shampoo. Once we have it mixed we have to remove it well so that it is a homogeneous mixture and we can start cleaning.


I advise to clean it with a lint-free cloth, it can be a grid or a cloth towel type (kitchen towel). This will allow no unwanted hairs and threads to remain. To dry it, we will use kitchen paper (about 5 napkins) or newspaper.


Wet the cloth abundantly ... go through the glass or glass to be cleaned, pass several times and scrub. Leave on for half a minute; while we wrung the rag well, we took all the water out. We review with the wet cloth, and finally dry with paper napkins or newspaper.


What are the advantages of using shampoo? That when it rains, the water adheres less, that is, it slips. Avoid strong reflexes, it's like an "anti-reflex" bath. Protects from dust and scratches. It leaves a surface better prepared for trips in automobiles, since it has less adhesion.


How often to clean it to the glass of the car ? It depends on how much gets dirty. If you clean it too much, it is vice. If you clean it little, it accumulates and scratches.


You have to clean it carefully, plenty of water and without scratching it. Cleaning it on the inside is also important: use a clean, damp cloth and pass it on; dry with paper servilletitas so there are no marks.


DO NOT use alcohol or lens cleaner. Do not use solvents, leave marks and sometimes irreparably damage the glass. If you have a broken, cracked, chipped windshield ; do not clean it with this, because it enters the cracks and is worse.

If you drink, do not drive. And remember, always have a good insurance company for your car .

  • If you have children, these tips will also help you not to mark your fingers on the windshield.