What types of car insurance are there

To enjoy your car you need to have a good insurance that gives you all the guarantees. However, there are many types of insurance that can be adapted to your needs, without having to pay for services you are not going to use. To be able to choose well, it is important to know the car insurance available in the market.

Then, in, we tell you what types of car insurance there are . In addition, we anticipate that with a good car comparator you can access all the necessary information to know the most suitable services for your vehicle and insurance coverage, without overpaying and without giving up the best assistance.

What is a car insurance

The insurance of the car is a fundamental and mandatory document to be able to circulate, so it must be managed before starting the vehicle for the first time. It is a contract that must always remain in force and that is intended to cover damages that may be caused while driving. Thanks to insurance, drivers do not have to pay directly for the damages that may be caused, given that they are covered, although the coverage will depend on the type of insurance contracted.

An insurance comparator allows you to do an effective search to find the insurance that best suits your needs . The coverage of these contracts can be varied, so if you do not want to pay more, but have maximum guarantees, look for different alternatives to purchase insurance through a comparator and easily choose the best option.

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Types of car insurance, which ones?

Basic insurance, to third parties, all risk ... There are different types of car insurance and it is important to know them before hiring one, to choose the most suitable option for you. These are the main types of car insurance there are :

Compulsory insurance of the car or third parties

It is mandatory contracting that must be carried out before putting a vehicle into circulation. This type of insurance serves, mainly, to cover the civil responsibility of the driver, that is to say, all the personal and material damages to third parties in front of any problem of circulation in which the driver is responsible. This basic mode of insurance is the way to protect the driver of the vehicle. These policies include legal defense, always with contractual limitations, as well as covering the damages caused to the other vehicle. However, the compulsory insurance does not cover the personal and material damages of the vehicle and the insured driver, although it does cover the occupants of the vehicle itself.

To obtain more complete coverage, insurance companies offer other types of insurance that complement basic and mandatory insurance. You can find the most suitable option for you through a car insurance comparator . Among the most demanded insurances, the following modalities stand out:

Third party insurance extended

Extended third party insurance is another option that guarantees you to have more benefits than basic insurance. Companies can offer more coverages as a package or independently, but generally include full or partial breakage of moons, fire insurance or repair of damages suffered by the car.

Also, at civil liability level, the policy is more complete and interesting so that the driver can have a good protection and also to ensure coverage to the vehicle always based on its use.

Comprehensive insurance

The all-risk car insurance is the most expensive, but also the one that has greater coverage for both the vehicle and the driver. In addition, of the basic ones that are included in the basic or expanded third-party, these policies always cover the driver and the car if they are involved in an accident, whatever the cause and even if there are no third parties. It is the insurance that protects you in any circumstance. With it you can get a replacement car in case of accident and you are covered in case of theft.

Comprehensive insurance is characterized by the option of having, or not, franchising. With the franchise the cost is cheaper, since the insurance only covers a part of expenses and the owner will always take care of the expenses until paying the amount of the franchise. All-risk insurance without excess is much more complete and effective and ensures maximum coverage.

How a car comparator and insurance works

A car and insurance comparator is a very useful tool when looking for the best car insurance . This application allows you to search different prices between different companies and with different options at the level of benefits, so it is the easiest way to compare insurance according to its price and coverage.

Making comparisons through online comparators is very easy. You just have to include all the necessary information to make an estimate and calculate the price of the recommended car insurance. This allows you to get an idea of ​​what each insurance offers at the benefit level, as well as the most competitive prices in the market.

The comparators help us carry out an analysis of the different proposals and coverages to select the most convenient insurance policy in each case. How ?, Analyzing our real needs that, in many cases, make us dispense with all those unnecessary coverages that only increase the quota of our insurance. In addition, the comparator is the fastest way to obtain different budgets and save on the purchase of car insurance .