Why my bike makes a lot of noise

Among the disadvantages that a motorcycle can produce one of the most common is in an increase in the noise that it produces when it is being used. This noise may be due to several factors or problems and also has the potential to lead to a more serious problem than you might imagine. Before taking the vehicle to a workshop we want to recommend a series of steps with which it is possible that you solve the problem by yourself. In .com we explain in detail why your bike makes a lot of noise .

Steps to follow:


An excessive noise produced by the motorcycle can be due to different problems, but the most important thing, first, is to inspect the motor . The ear, in this case, will help you to analyze the problem better, for this it is advisable to use a workshop stethoscope, something that we recommend you to have, since it is not expensive and is very useful.


Listen to key parts of the engine to see if any of them emit a more loud noise than usual. We recommend listening carefully to the tension mechanism and the valve plugs. If the noise is too mechanical the problem may be the chain tensioner, which will be too much given. If the noise is a ticking, you should look at the spacer or plugs, because they may not be in good condition.


It is also possible that the problem is due to the fact that something is simply not subject to the way it should be. The tube, for example, may have been falling from the effort and use of the motorcycle. It is important that you review it, as it is frequent that it has a leak and that excessive noise is produced.


If it is a technical problem, because the engine is too cold, keep in mind that the engine should stop making noise when you have been driving for a while and it has warmed up.


Frequently, the pipes of unofficial marks produce compatibility problems and that is represented by excessive noise. If you have bought the used motorcycle, check that the piece is the right one to make sure that it is not what causes your motorcycle to make noise .


In the case of not solving the problem by any of these methods, consult your workshop to avoid surprises on the road. And remember that it is important to solve the problem of noise as soon as possible in order to avoid complications arising from it.