How to tighten the chain of my motorcycle

The chain of the motorcycle is one of the key pieces for it to work properly. A reason why it is important to perform an adequate maintenance. However, sometimes, like any component, it is damaged or worn out by the use of the motorcycle. These are the most common problems that affect it, being convenient to put a solution to avoid major problems. And is that, as the chain is worn, the links are separated, producing its stretch. In addition, if it is not well tensed, it tends to move more and, consequently, there is more wear.

If this has happened to you, surely you have asked yourself how to tighten the chain of my motorcycle? From, let's answer this question and tell you the steps you have to take because, the truth is, the process is not complicated.

Types of tensioners of the motorcycle chain and its characteristics

At the time of tightening the chain of the motorcycle, it is necessary to be clear that there are three types of tensioners, each having some characteristics and differences. Depending on them, some steps must be taken to tighten the chain:

  • Screw tensioner : as the name suggests, they are based on a screw, which is responsible for pushing the shaft located on the rear wheel towards the tip of the swingarm.
  • Nut Tensioner : in this case, the screw is located at the end tip of the swingarm, leaving behind so that the shaft is pulled backwards. The shaft is stuck in washers.
  • Tensioners with eccentric systems : move the axle forward or backward according to the position of the eccentric. Today, this system is the least used, although it is likely that your bike has it if it is from the decade of the 70 or 80 in which it was very common.

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How to tighten the chain of my bike with eccentric tensioners

Once you know the system or type of tensioner that you have on the bike, you can start to tighten the chain. And is that, although they are different, there are steps that are common because the mechanisms are quite similar. To tighten the chain and have it in perfect condition, you should:

  1. It is advisable that you upload or place the bike on a kind of easel so that you can easily tighten the chain.
  2. Then, throw the back wheel back, and release the shaft.
  3. Finally, turn the eccentric tensioners to one side of the wheel, which will go backwards and, therefore, the chain will tighten.

Normally, with this system you have to take a series of precautions. The main one is that, depending on where you turn, the chain will be further relaxed. In this way, check that you are turning the eccentric in the correct direction and that it is tensing. Also, since there is more than one tensioner, it is key to verify that the two remain in the same position.

How to tighten the chain of the motorcycle with screw or nut tensioners

The system to tighten the chain of the motorcycle when it has screw or nut tensioners is very similar in both cases. In addition to having the bike placed on the easel, you must do the following :

  1. Loosen the nuts, locknuts or washers.
  2. Tighten or release, according to the direction you have to move the shaft.
  3. Make sure that the wheel is straight and not to one side to properly tension the chain. To do this, help yourself to the scale that usually leads to both sides.
  4. Look at the proper tension that the chain must have and that appears in the workshop book or somewhere in the chain itself. This value is important because the tension of the chain is related to the suspension of the motorcycle, specifically, the rear. Thus, if it is too much, the chain will reach its maximum extension and will stretch more with the use, apart from limiting the function of the rear suspension on the bike.
  5. When the chain is already well tightened, tighten the lock nuts or nuts and the axle of the rear wheel, making sure that everything is fully fixed.

Since, with these explanations, we hope we have answered your question of how to tighten the chain of my motorcycle? It is advisable to always go to the workshop and consult with professional mechanics for proper maintenance.