What is the life of a motorcycle

As our motorcycle goes fulfilling years and kilometers, it begins to give us frights with faults that attack us directly in our pocket. Faced with this, we ask ourselves if it is time to take over. There is no concrete answer to know how long a motorcycle lasts, since everything depends on the use we have given it, the model, the brand and the state of the roads that we have traveled, among other factors. To help you in your decision, in .com we explain what is the useful life of a motorcycle .

From twelve to fifteen years

On average, if the bike has not suffered any accidents or major falls, it can last between twelve and fifteen years . This period can be extended if it is a high-end vehicle and we have been impeccable with the revisions and maintenance, in addition to having been lucky not to suffer any fall. On the other hand, if we have skipped any appointment with the workshop and the bike is low-end, we have to think that with difficulties it will last so long. In this article, we explain how to take care of your motorcycle.

100, 000 kilometers

The mileage is another important factor when assessing if the life of our motorcycle has come to an end. With 100, 000 km of route we can be satisfied and go thinking about retiring the vehicle and changing it for a new model. If we usually drive on roads that are in good condition, well paved and without bumps, we can add a few kilometers to this figure and do the opposite in the case that we have given a hard use to the bike, taking it on rural roads without asphalt.


In addition to the mechanical issues, there are external aspects of the motorcycle that indicate that its useful life is about to expire. Thus, the existence of many areas of rust and oil stains on the surface of the vehicle betray that we have already given a lot of trot and that it is time to think about buying a new motorcycle.


If our motorcycle suffers a couple of breakdowns very close in time that force us to make a large outlay, even if it is not too old we should think that the useful life of that motorcycle is already finished, because if we continue using it in the long term we will leave more expensive than buying a new one.

Getting rid of a motorcycle with a few years is a difficult decision to make, but it can help us make calculations of what we spend in the workshop and compare it with what a new motorcycle costs us.