How is the cat Chartreux

The Chartreux cat is also known as the Carthusian cat . It is a race originally from France but from Turkey and Iran and one of the oldest breeds of the blue haired cat . One of its main characteristics is that it seems that it is smiling. It also has a nice coat that is an advantage for Carthusian cats that live in harder climates. From .com we want to explain how the cat Chartreux is.

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The cat Chartreux (Carthusian) is one of the three felines with blue hair. Along with the Russian Blue and the Korat cat.


It has a medium size, and can weigh up to 7 kilos. The male is larger and with a broad chest; the body of the adult Carthusian is muscular and robust. The female is smaller, narrower on the chest and less round than the male, although it is equally robust.


The Chartreux cat has the head in the shape of an inverted trapezoid, with rounded edges especially in the males. The ears are tall and are usually erect, giving a sense of always alert. The nose has a slate gray color. His eyes are rounded and large, with an amber yellow color. It can go from a gold tone to a more orange tone.


This breed of cat has a short and dense coat . The color of her hair is bluish gray and has a velvety, shiny feel.


Its tail is thick at the base and ends with the rounded tip.


As for his character, he is a calm and gentle cat. They call him the "cat-dog" for chasing the owner all the time in search of his love. He is affectionate, but when he wants to mark the limit he makes it clear that the mimes are over for a while. He has a strong and marked personality, but he is not aggressive.


It is a cat with great appetite, especially if it is sterilized, so it is appropriate for the owner of this cat to control his diet to avoid having problems of obesity.


The care of this type of cat is not very different from the care of a British cat.