What to do if my car runs out of water

What you have to do if the car is left with water or coolant is to stop it as soon as possible to prevent overheating from causing expensive damage to the car's engine. The models of cars that have electronic systems will cause the car to lose strength until it stops completely in the event that it reaches very high temperatures. In .com, we answer the question of what to do if my car runs out of water .

Steps to follow:


If your car runs out of water, there will be a serious overheating problem that will damage vital parts of your car's engine. Therefore, what you have to do when you run out of fluid is to stop the vehicle as soon as possible, signal it correctly to avoid problems to other drivers and notify the assistance of your insurance.


If your car has an advanced electronic system, you are in luck, because it will be the car itself that will stop when you notice that the engine temperature is very high due to lack of water. Thus, this type of vehicles have sensors that detect that the engine is overheating and cause the stop. You will notice that the car slowly loses strength and that the accelerator does not respond, until the car stops completely.


If you have a bottle of water you can use it to fill the radiator in case the car has run out of water and you have not detected that smoke came out of the engine because of overheating. If you consider that there has already been a breakdown, it is preferable that you do not move the car and that a crane brings it to the nearest workshop.


The operation of filling the radiator of the car with water is quite simple, although you should wait for the engine to cool to avoid burns and, also, for the water to evaporate due to high temperatures. Leave the hood open for the compartment to cool down as soon as possible.


The tank that connects to the radiator, where you must enter the water, is usually transparent white and connected through a hose to the radiator. First unscrew the lid without removing it completely so that the pressure comes out and then remove it. Add the water, screw the cap and close the hood.


When you arrive at your destination, take the car to a workshop to check that it has not suffered damage due to overheating when the car runs out of water and that you add antifreeze liquid to the tank.


To prevent your car from running out of water in the future, it performs a good maintenance task. Every 1, 000 kilometers or every 2 months you must measure the level of coolant in the car to check that everything is in order.