How to exercise with my dog ​​at home

In the same way that we worry about being fit or staying healthy through exercise, our dog needs regular training to maintain his physical well-being. Therefore, if you both need to train, why not do it together and in the comfort of home? For that to happen, the dog must learn to follow your rhythm and you, in turn, must learn to read the signals of your pet to know if he is having fun, if he is exhausted or if he wants to continue. So if you ask how to exercise with your dog at home, in this article we share some keys that will be useful for you and your pet.

Steps to follow:


Before starting to exercise with your dog at home, it is best to take it to the veterinarian to determine if your pet is in good physical condition to train. If your dog is one of those that has too much energy (and usually reminds you every time you find a bitten shoe or a torn cushion), it can be a good sign that he is ready to accompany you in your home routine. In addition, exercise will be a good way to channel that energy and calm it down a bit.

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If your dog is still a puppy, it is best to avoid training, because your bones are in formation and could be injured or have problems with their subsequent development. We advise you to wait until your bone structure has matured to start a physical exercise routine.


Getting your dog and you to synchronize movements is not a difficult task, so exercising at home is a task that requires perseverance. In the same way that you trained him to behave inside and outside the house, you can do it to accompany you in your routines. Start by teaching basic commands that teach you to stay by your side, sit, stand on two legs or lie down. Reward it every time you learn a new command.


Create a warm up routine for your dog. Throwing a ball or a toy and having it brought back can be a good way to start, as well as helping you associate the idea of ​​fun and play with training because in the end, the idea is to have fun while burning calories. Make sure the game lasts only a few minutes to prevent it from running out early.

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Incorporate the dog into your physical exercise routine gradually. It is normal to be distracted, want to play with your way or leave the activity and leave. Remember that both he and you are learning to do something together in a synchronized way, and that takes time.

One way to exercise with your dog at home and reinforce learning is to establish schedules and movement routines. This way you will get used to the idea that there is a time of the day when you will be with you to train.


Surely you will ask yourself how to do physical activity with my dog ​​at home and share the same activity? Yoga may be the answer for you, as there are yoga routines designed to be performed by dogs and their owners. It is an activity that you can learn together with YouTube tutorials and that has different routines according to the size and race of the dog. If the dog can already execute some basic commands next to you, it will be easier to attach to the doga.


When necessary, adapt your routine so that your dog can accompany you, as long as it is comfortable for you too. In the same way, it turns into training those activities that the dog normally does and gives it a funny twist so that both put the body in motion in their own way:

  • Stretch yourself using a toy or object that catches your attention, in such a way that it stretches you too.
  • Make squats with your toys and throw them so that he goes to look for them and bring them back.
  • If there are stairs in your house, raise them and lower them together.
  • If you have a garden or a space where your dog can move without problems, create a mini obstacle course to explore it together.


Remember to attend to the signs of thirst, heat and fatigue of your pet. If your dog stops abruptly, lies down or sits in full execution of the movement, it's time to stop. The ideal is to prevent that from happening, so evaluate the behavior of the dog during the activity and stay alert. In the same way, just as you hydrate yourself during and after training, the dog must do it too.

Finally, remember to reward him with a small prize for his effort and let him rest for as long as necessary.


Now that you have some data to train with your dog at home, the only thing left is to start exercising and having fun together. Remember that more than losing calories, it is about positively reinforcing the bond that unites you while you share a moment of well-being.