How to make my cat smell good

Although the truth is that cats are very clean animals that rarely give off a bad smell, being their aroma neutral, it is always positive that our pet gives off a pleasant smell. There are a number of alternatives for this, without the need to use aggressive products that may harm the skin or the olfactory capacity of the feline. In .com we answer the question of how to make my cat smell good .

Steps to follow:


A very simple way that your cat smells good every day is brushing it often. In this way, you will eliminate any dirt that may be hidden between your hair and that may generate an unpleasant odor as the days go by. Anyway, we must take into account that the cats groom themselves and do not insist if they reject brushing. In this article you will find tips on how to brush the cat .


In the case that we have the cat accustomed from small to baths with water, we can apply a shampoo for felines that has aroma. It should be noted that it is difficult to try to bathe a cat that is older. In this article you have instructions on how to bathe the cat at home and in this other, on how to make your cat like water.


We also have the alternative of using dry scented foam so the cat smells good . It is a suitable product for felines that is thrown on the back of the animal, taking care that it does not lick it or enter its eyes, and it is spread with a brush. Nothing else to throw it, we must play with the cat to avoid that lick the foam.


Sometimes cats give off a bad smell because the food we are giving them is too strong for them, so trying to change the composition of the diet can be a good alternative for the cat to smell good . In this article you have instructions on how to feed your cat.


If you notice that the bad smell of your cat comes exclusively from the mouth, it may be that it suffers from coprophagia, that is, that it eats its own excrement. In this case, keep the tray where you clean up and go to the vet.

  • If your cat begins to give off a bad odor continuously, it is convenient that you take it to the veterinarian because it can suffer an infection.