How to train dolphins

People have been training animals from prehistory to the present. Dolphins are considered one of the most intelligent species of the animal kingdom. Like most animals, they develop their behavior for three main reasons: to eat, to avoid being eaten by predators and to reproduce. Below are some steps you will have to learn to train dolphins .

Steps to follow:


Use hand signals to indicate to the dolphins that you want them to perform a certain behavior. Use a goal (a stick with a small float at the end) to indicate how and where to conduct the behavior. When the dolphin reaches the goal and performs the correct behavior, it must be rewarded.


Encourage the dolphin to tell him he is doing the behavior correctly. A stimulus can be a signal, like a loud whistle, a verbal message like "Good job" or "good girl", or fish or toys given at the time the dolphin does the right behavior.


Give it a neutral response instead of a stimulus, if the dolphin has done something wrong . Give the dolphin a waiting time for several seconds. Waiting time is an effective technique, since it will give the dolphin time to reflect that it did not perform the desired behavior correctly. After the waiting time, the same behavior must be repeated until the dolphin performs the action correctly. A stimulus must be given as a reward when the correct behavior is carried out .


All trainer signals must be distinctive and precise from the beginning of the training. This is important because the dolphins link each signal with proper behavior. This avoids confusing the animals when they are asked to perform a new behavior.

  • Try to enroll in a certified dolphin training center.
  • Learn more about the behavior of dolphins.