What to do if my car catches fire

If your car catches fire the first thing you have to do is stop as soon as possible, park the car and close the contact. Next, you have to evacuate all the people who go inside and, in case you do not have a fire extinguisher, try to enter the minimum oxygen, closing doors, windows and hood, so that oxygen does not give more force to the flames. In .com we answer the question of what to do if my car catches fire.

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When it comes to explaining what to do if the car catches fire, it is important to emphasize that it is essential that you carry a fire extinguisher inside the vehicle so that a small fire in the engine or in the passenger compartment is left in a scare or in a small breakdown and do not have to regret major evils, especially personal injuries.


Inside the engine, in addition to fuels, there are many liquids, such as oil, that can burn in certain circumstances. Although not common, a fault can cause a fire in the engine. Before the flames come, you will see that smoke comes out and that is when you must act, parking your vehicle and applying the extinguisher, which you must carry under the passenger seat.


Although you must take maximum precautions, you should know that it is not easy for the car to explode because of a fire, so do not worry about this. In case you do not have a fire extinguisher or other means to put out the fire, it is better not to open the hood, so the flames will have more difficulty to spread.


Although it seems otherwise, fire is much more dangerous if it occurs inside the vehicle, that is, in the passenger compartment reserved for the driver and passengers. This is because the seats tend to carry synthetic materials that produce a highly toxic smoke in the event that they burn.


The interior of the car burns very fast, so if you see that you can not extinguish the flames, stay away so as not to be intoxicated by the smoke. Thus, after turning off the contact of the car and helping out all occupants, close the doors and the windows so that oxygen does not enter, since this feeds the fire. Then, give emergency services notice to come to put out the fire of your car.


When everything has happened, you will have to see if the insurance you have hired covers the damage caused to your car by the fire . Even if you have this coverage, you will not be compensated if it is shown that the fire was due to negligence on your part, such as that you left a cigarette butt on.


Yes, they will always be covered, even if you have not contracted the fire, the damages that your car could have caused to third parties because of the fire. Keep an eye on the maintenance of your car to avoid that an engine failure will have such unfortunate consequences as a fire.


In short, what you have to do if your car burns and you do not have a fire extinguisher is to park the vehicle, turn off the contact, dislodge all occupants, close doors and windows and keep the bonnet closed, in order to get less oxygen that fuels the flames. Then call 112, emergency service that will coordinate the arrival of firefighters and other assistance as necessary.


In the event that you have an extinguisher, you must park the car, close the contact and ensure that all occupants have left the vehicle, as well. Then, if the fire is in the engine compartment, apply the extinguisher until it is completely empty. It will take about 20 seconds to empty, so aim well towards the area of ​​the flames. Next, close the hood and call 112.

If the fire is inside the occupants of the occupants and you have an extinguisher, try to extinguish it only if the fire is very small. If it is already extended, you will not be able to finish it, so close doors and windows and get away as soon as possible from the place, since the smoke will be very toxic. Next, alert to 112.