What to do if I run out of gas

What to do if I run out of gas is a question that any driver has to ask, since due to lack of foresight or the failure of the warner it is not uncommon for this circumstance to occur. In the city, the situation will not have major problems but if you run out of fuel on the road, the issue gets more complicated. In .com we offer you a series of tips that answer the question of what to do if I run out of gas.

Steps to follow:


The first thing you have to do if your car runs out of gas is to try to push it as far to the right of the road, put on your safety vest, and then place the triangles so that the rest of the drivers who drive on the road can see your car well. Read this article to know in detail how you have to place the triangles and remember that the vehicle should not interfere with the circulation, since in addition to endangering other drivers you can earn a fine.

In the event that you run out of gas in the city, try to move the car to a place where you can park.


Then, it is best to call your insurance company so you can know with certainty if the policy you have contracted covers or is not a circumstance of having run out of gas. If the insurance covers you, you simply follow the instructions for assistance. The usual thing is that a crane presents itself in a short space of time and approaches you, next to your car, to the nearest gas station.


In the event that your insurance does not cover you that you run out of gas, you must be you on your own who comes to the gas station. If you are in town, you will have it easy with public transport, walking or calling someone close.

In the event that you are on the road, things get complicated. One option is to hitchhike and have another driver approach you, but you should always do it without walking down the road, that is, from the point where your car has been stopped.

On the road you can only walk to a safety post, another option that you can access to ask for help.


If you run out of gas, you have the option of calling a private towing service and pay it yourself. The cost can vary greatly depending on the distance you have to travel, whether it is a holiday or working and the price policy of the company itself.


Another option is to call a taxi and get it to the gas station, while leaving the car well marked on the road. Then, you will have to buy an approved container to transport fuel and refill it with gasoline for your car. Pay attention that the device is approved, otherwise you will be subject to an economic sanction.


Once your car has already been able to put gasoline in the car, when you are in your usual place of residence, take it to a trustworthy workshop so they can check that everything is fine since the lack of fuel may have caused some damage.