Why does the steering wheel vibrate?

The fact that the steering wheel vibrates when the car is running can cause a lot of uncertainty to the driver, especially if it is a novelty or a person who does not take the car regularly. In addition, this movement that is not normal can be a symptom of a breakdown that can compromise the safety of the occupants of the vehicle. In .com, we answer the question of why the steering wheel vibrates .

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The first thing you can think about when the steering wheel vibrates is that there is a problem with the steering and you are not misguided. Thus, one of the faults that manifests itself with this symptom is that the direction is unbalanced. This dysfunction causes that the tires do not roll of correct form on the route, taking place the indicated vibration.


The wheels are also behind another possible reason that your steering wheel vibrates. Thus, in the event that they are very worn or defective, the steering wheel will manifest it with this unexpected movement during the march. To prevent this from happening to you, we recommend that you read this article about how to take care of the car's tires.


On the other hand, if the suspension does not comply with its work is very likely to end up affecting the steering wheel, causing undesirable vibrations during driving. The shock absorbers can be damaged and, as a result, will no longer absorb the vibrations of the asphalt. This, in addition to being uncomfortable for the driver and the occupants, will cause the steering wheel to vibrate, especially when the track is less firm. We advise you to read this article about how to check the car's shock absorbers.


In the event that the vibration of the steering wheel occurs only when you brake, it is most likely that the reason is in a problem with the brake system . In particular, the rotor may be damaged and it is necessary that you go to a mechanic to solve the problem, which can be dangerous.


The origin of the vibration of the steering wheel can be found, in addition, in some dysfunction in the engine . This has a very complex operation and there are many reasons that can cause this movement: problems with the spark plugs, which does not reach the proper level of air to the propeller, etc.


As you can see, the causes that cause the steering wheel to vibrate are very diverse. You should not ignore this symptom and you have to go to your trusted mechanic so he can see your car and confirm the reason for the breakdown.