Why the car air conditioning does not cool

The system of air conditioning of the car is complex reason why the fact that it does not work correctly can be due to many reasons. In some cases, you can locate the fault yourself and repair it, if you have the right machinery and the right skill. However, other failures are difficult to solve and the performance of a professional is needed. In .com, we answer the question of why the car's air conditioning does not cool .

Steps to follow:


If your air conditioner does not cool down, it may be because the cabin filter is dirty or clogged. In this case, you can do the cleaning or change of this element yourself. Check your car's manual to locate it.


Another cause of the air conditioner not cooling is the existence of a refrigerant gas leak . This may be because, simply, some of the connections of the pipes are loose. You can locate the leak yourself by putting soapy water in the pipes.

Start the air conditioning. Where there is a leak small bubbles will appear. If it is because a connection is loose, simply tighten it. Next, you must charge the air conditioning gas to replace the lost one, as long as you have the necessary material.


If the leak is due to a break, you will have to go to a specialized workshop, where professionals will have to weld and then load the gas.


The air conditioning compressor, a key element in the system, must be properly lubricated at all times. If, due to a fault or poor maintenance, this part is not working properly, the air will not cool down. You should go to a workshop to have it repaired.


The air conditioner may not cool due to an electrical fault that causes the fans not to work properly or to do so only intermittently. The most advisable thing is that a specialist fix it.