Is it allowed to park in double row?

You are looking for parking but it is all full and it will only be a moment, can you park in double row or will you win a fine ? The truth is that it is very common to see streets full of cars parked in double row, but not for that we can do it too. If you want to know if double parking is allowed, keep an eye on this article from.

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The answer to whether double parking is allowed is very simple: no, it is forbidden. In this way, if you risk leaving your vehicle parked in double file, it is possible that you will be fined by security agents and even that the crane will take your car.


This is reflected in the Spanish traffic code within Section 2. Special rules for stops and parking

Article 94. Prohibited places.

"2. It is forbidden to park in the following cases: [...]

g) Double row (article 39.2 of the articulated text). "


Only double-row stops are allowed, that is, the immobilization of the vehicle for less than two minutes without the driver leaving the vehicle.