Where to park for free in Barcelona

Do you want to park your car in the streets of Barcelona without having to pay? Do you need to leave it parked for a few days and you do not want to ruin yourself? Oddly enough, there are still places with parking free of the much hated blue or green area, where you can leave your car without fear of being fined for not having paid. However, you should always pay attention to the signs, especially temporary ones, such as those for temporary works or celebrations that prevent parking temporarily. If you want to know where to park for free in Barcelona, do not wait another minute and start reading this article from; and if you know other places ... do not hesitate to comment and we will add them!

Zona Universitària - Palau Reial

One of the best known places to park in Barcelona is Zona Universitària and Palau Reial, that is, the beginning of Av. Diagonal where an important part of the faculties and university schools of the city are located. It should be noted that during the school hours from Monday to Friday it can be a bit difficult to find a place, because some of the students come to class by car, but on weekends and especially in summer it will be easy to park without paying.

So, leaving Barcelona, ​​on the right side you will find parking lots in a row that do not require any kind of payment ; from Plaça Pius XII (in front of the Hotel Reina Sofia) and until the last faculty of the Diagonal, you can park for free.

In the same way, on the other side of the Diagonal, you will be able to park in battery in Martí i Franquès street, the one that goes down from the Palau Reial metro stop towards the Camp Nou. It is also possible that you will find a place in one of the free parkings of the universities that in summer even open to the general public.


Likewise, throughout the residential area of ​​Pedralbes it is possible to park for free, from the streets closest to Avinguda Diagonal where there are also some university faculties such as the Campus Nord of the UPC (c / Jordi Girona, c / Alfambra, etc.). ), until you reach the Ronda de Dalt. It should be noted that the area is wider than what we see on this map.

You should know that on weekends and holidays in some streets in this area, which have no parking area during working days, one of the lanes is enabled as parking.

The engineer

On the other side of the city of Barcelona, ​​it is also possible to find free parking and close to public transport. So, in the Sant Andreu district, you can leave your car without having to pay in a space near the La Maquinista shopping center . And is that in this area there are several free parking where you can park and then go to the subway Torras i Bages or take a bus to take you to your destination.


Some streets in the district of Sant Martí are still enjoying parking without blue or green area, that is, where you can leave your vehicle every day of the week without having to pay a euro. Thus, in the most industrial area of ​​Poblenou it is still possible to park for free, as well as in some parts of Sant Martí de Provençals or La Pau.

La Sagrera

On the other hand, you can also choose to park without having to pay in the area near La Sagrera, and in these streets there are also free parking (not guarded) where you can park every day of the week.

Thus, in the old station of RENFE Mercancías de la Sagrera located in the carrer of the Baixada de la Sagrera, is a good example of this, as well as the car parks of the Gran de la Sagrera street.

Other areas

  • Montjuïc : the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) has a free parking where you can try to find a place. Likewise, some of the streets near l'Estadi de Montjuïc also have free parking.
  • Vall d'Hebrón : in the Vall d'Hebrón district, where the hospital of the same name is located, you can also park for free.
  • Guinardó : the upper part of the Guinardó also has parking or esplanades where you can park for free all week.
  • Beach area : on some beaches such as Mar Bella and the area close to Ronda Litoral you can also park without having to pay.

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