What are the basic security systems of the car

Perhaps for you to drive is an everyday gesture almost as natural as for others it is walking or running. However, you must always be very aware that when you get behind the wheel you drive a machine that, as the news shows us almost every day, can kill. For your sake and for the rest of the occupants of the road, you have to keep in mind the safety measures that you can use. In .com we explain what are the basic security systems of the car.

Steps to follow:


Surely you've heard more than once about how important tires are in the safety of a car. Indeed, it is so. Therefore, you have to be aware that the pressure of your wheels is always adequate. There are cars that have a pressure gauge - in fact, mandatory that new cars sold in Spain have it - while in others you will have to measure it yourself. We recommend that you read this article in which we explain how to take care of the wheels of the car.


The lights on all day are another basic car safety system . In certain models of cars there is a specific daytime running lights. If you have your car, you can always use the dipped beam. It is especially important that you put them when traveling by road and in the seasons of the year with less light, that is, autumn and winter.


The ABS braking system is another important technology to improve the safety of the car. Remember that its function is to prevent the front wheels of the car from being blocked when the driver brakes sharply or when it is on surfaces in poor condition, such as when the road is very wet or even has ice. In this article we explain in detail how to use ABS brakes.


One step further in the basic safety systems of the car is the so-called assistance to emergency braking. It is mandatory that all new cars sold in European countries have this technological advance, which makes the decrease in vehicle speed is maximum when it detects that the driver performs an emergency braking.


It is also mandatory that new vehicles incorporate the stability control system. The objective is to reduce to the maximum the possibility of loss of control of the steering of the vehicle in turns and emergency maneuvers. You have to keep in mind that the system is not a total guarantee that the car will not lose stability, in the event that the maneuver is excessively abrupt.


These are some of the basic safety systems of the car . However, the key in this aspect is your driving style and that you pay full attention to driving whenever you drive.