What are the best tires for 4x4 - find out here

If we do not choose the right tires, our car will not respond well, so there may be problems in driving. It is for this reason that it is very important to know well what type of car we have and what are the types of wheels that suit you best. For this, it is advisable to ask our mechanic for advice and follow the instructions specified in the vehicle manual.

In the case of cars with four-wheel drive, known as 4x4, there is a wide variety of tires created for these. To find the best one, we must keep in mind that there are several types of 4x4 cars: family, SUV and off-road or off-road. From having clear which is ours, we can know what is the most appropriate type of wheel. In we want to facilitate the task and in this article we tell you which are the best tires for 4x4 .

The perfect tires for 4x4 off-road or off-road

Off-road or off-road cars are the most demanding type of 4x4 with tires, as these cars are designed to travel difficult terrain and under extreme conditions. The wheels that accompany them must meet a series of requirements so that driving is safe and effective in these areas:

  • Have wide rubber blocks.
  • That the structure and the flank are well reinforced.
  • Depth of the sculpture or drawing of the tread between 13 mm and 17 mm.
  • The more drawings or nerves you have in the sculpture or tread pattern, the more water, mud or other materials you can pump when you press on the ground.
  • If possible, the brand chosen will provide extreme off-road performance options, so that it is as adaptable as possible.

Currently, one of the best tires for 4x4 off-road or off-road cars is the Discoverer S / T MAXX POR, which is the result of improvements made to the Discoverer S / T MAXX model. Highlights the new tread compound, which makes it more resistant and adaptable. This tire of Cooper Tire allows us to cross arduous and extremely hard terrains, either under extreme cold or heat conditions. So, if you have this type of car and your tires are old and you have to change them soon, we recommend you try them.

The most suitable tires for an SUV-type 4x4

The vehicles of type SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) are an intermediate point between the SUVs and the relatives. These cars also need to have some minimum requirements for their wheels, since neither a lower nor a few with too much performance will be indicated for good driving. It is necessary that in this case the wheels comply with the following:

  • The flanks and the structure must be reinforced.
  • A sculpture that is very cropped and has a sharp design.
  • Being of combined use, they have to be efficient wheels both on asphalt and in more complicated terrain.

Tires for family 4x4

Finally, the family-style 4x4, although less demanding, the tires must also meet the requirements to meet safety and minimum performance:

  • They must be of an ultra-precise model in the straight lines and curves.
  • The design of the structure and the sculpture should be designed for use both in cities and on highways, that is to say firm terrain, but which may present irregularities, adaptable to dry and wet terrain and that withstand a wide range of temperatures.