How to get your driver's license without going to the driving school

It is possible to get your driving license in Spain without stepping on a driving school, not even to do the internship. Of course, the expense will be much higher since we will have to get a double-handed car, among other issues. An alternative is to do only the theoretical part of the driver's license and put us in the hands of the driving school to do the practices . So yes we will save. Anyway, in .com we explain how to get your driver's license without going to the driving school .

Steps to follow:


First of all, a medical center must certify that we are in full faculties to drive a car. They themselves will make the process with the General Directorate of Traffic or we can take the certificate to the Provincial Headquarters that corresponds to us.


As for the theoretical, to do it by free, we have to buy a book to study and make tests of driving school, something relatively affordable because on the Internet there are many sites that offer it. Then, once we know the subject, we will have to pay in the DGT about 86 euros in traffic fees to have the right to submit to two calls for exam.


Once we have overcome the previous step, it is when the most expensive part of getting the driving license comes without going to a driving school . We have to have an accompanying teacher, who must meet the requirements to acquire a learning license, a concept that is regulated by this provision.


Once we have the person who will accompany us during the internship, we have to get a double command car, with 6 pedals, to be able to do the practices. Here we have two options, negotiate with a driving school to sell or rent or adapt one that we already have. This last we will have to do in an approved workshop and can cost about 600 euros.


Another expense that we have to do is insurance. We will find it difficult for a private company to do so, so we may have to go to the Insurance Consortium.


Once all these requirements have been met, we will be able to do the internships through the streets of the city or along the highway. The badge we have to wear is a red L. In case you prefer to take your driving license to the traditional way, we recommend that you consult this text.