How to know if I have traffic tickets

How many times have you regretted having left the car badly parked? It may have been months since then and you realize that you have been fined now, because you have not received any notification at your home. To avoid this situation and not have this kind of doubts again, in the following article we explain all the steps you must follow to know if you have pending traffic fines . Take note!

Steps to follow:


The DGT (Directorate General of Traffic) created in 2010 a data bank known as TESTRA ( Edictal Board of Traffic Sanctions) It is an electronic board in which are recorded all traffic fines that the authorities interpose to your vehicle is in the place where it is.


Specifically, the TESTRA is a means to notify that traffic sanction . That is, the DGT must have an exact address to send that fine by certified mail. In the event that the fine is not sent by ordinary mail and is only published in the TESTRA, a claim may be filed, as it would not be valid.


To access the TESTRA, you must enter the electronic headquarters of the DGT. Once there, you have to click on the option that says 'Edictal plan of traffic sanctions', then click on 'How TESTRA is consulted' and, finally, in the section 'Consult board edictal'.


Once you have accessed the edictal board, you will only have to enter your ID number or car registration in the corresponding box and, instantly, it will appear if you have pending traffic fines or not. In the article How to consult fines for registration you can see many more details of the procedure to follow.


In addition, we advise you to consult the article How to pay traffic fines online so that you can perform the operation at that moment and do not have to lose part of your free time in it.