How to teach my dog ​​to relieve himself in the newspaper

Do you want to get down to work to educate your dog to make his needs in a specific place? Well, keep reading, because this is one of the basic aspects of your education. Your dog must learn to make his depositions in the place that you decide and to achieve it you will have to have, above all, a lot of patience and be constant so that he finally adopts this behavior as usual. Continue reading this article where we explain step by step how to teach your dog to relieve itself in the newspaper.

Steps to follow:


To begin, you must understand that a dog is not born knowing how to do its needs in a specific place and time. And this is a fact that generates a lot of concern to dog owners, but remember that with patience, consistency and a lot of perseverance you will be able to speed up the learning of your pet. When your dog wants to relieve itself, he does it, and the only concern he has is to do it away from his food and the place where he sleeps. He does not know that what you want is for him to do it on the street or in the place you indicate, such as a newspaper. If you want your pet to do its needs in a certain place, you must be patient and monitor its behavior to achieve it.


Be clear that to get your dog to relieve itself in the newspaper, you must be consistent and start from the beginning. That is, when you get home and your dog is wearing a leash, place your pet on a rug or newspaper. Either one of them must be in the area that you have already thought about for that purpose, which may be the terrace or the garden, for more ventilation. You will have to indicate to your dog what he should do with the "pee" command, repeat the order as many times as necessary and wait until he does. If you succeed, do not forget to give him a treat as a reward and praise his good behavior.


In order for your dog to relieve itself where you prefer, you will have to monitor its behavior. If you start to give circles and smell, it's time to get going. If you do this, take it out, place your dog on the newspaper and tell him what he should do. When you do, do not cut yourself off in rewarding your good behavior so that little by little you remember it and always do it that way.

It is possible that during the first months of life you have to set an alarm so that at intervals of 3 or 4 hours, you accompany and get used to that habit. Probably in barely two weeks, your dog will know what to do and will bark for you to put paper to make it his needs. You should be alert and have a good reserve of newspapers so that your dog does not do it on the ground. If it does, clean it right away so that the dog does not associate that smell with the repetition of the behavior.


Finally, you should observe the time at which you usually do your needs. With little observation time, you will know how often your dog needs to do it. Depending on its size, it may take half an hour or even 2 hours. Remember to be patient and every time you see that circles and sniff, you will have to take it to the area where the paper is to relieve themselves, this whole process can generate frustration but it will be worth it.


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