How to deal with toxic people at work - the best techniques

Unfortunately toxic people are everywhere and in many cases, we fall with the bad luck of having one in our work or study environment. These types of people tend to create a tense and exhausting environment due to their conflicting attitudes towards their peers.

Has it never happened to you that you arrive home from work sad? Sadness and mental exhaustion may be signs that you are having problems in your job and most of the time it is because of a person who gives you patience. If you have noticed that you are living with a problematic person, touching the toxic, we bring you some techniques so you can learn how to deal with toxic people at work .

How to know if my co-worker is toxic

Toxic people tend to have very different behaviors than normal and these usually occur in any aspect of their life, including personal relationships. When it comes to work, the environment should be full of enthusiasm, cooperativity and camaraderie; When a person arrives that negative or toxic, it breaks with comfort and begins to generate conflict with other colleagues, significantly affecting the efficiency of the work.

Characteristics of a toxic co-worker

  • It is victimized by absolutely everything.
  • Generates conflict at work and personal level.
  • Talk all day of negative things.
  • Despise or doubt your abilities.
  • Tends not to make mistakes.
  • They do not collaborate with the other partners so that the work goes faster.
  • Criticize the person who orders, usually the boss or the manager.
  • They talk or create personal rumors about other classmates.

When this kind of attitude is presented, productivity tends to fall, and this is due to the discomfort and annoyance that other colleagues feel when sharing space or work with that toxic person. Likewise, the quality of attention wanes due to the constant discomfort and displeasure that arise.

In addition, if you are a person a little susceptible, it can affect you at levels where you feel sad or depressed and, even, there have been cases where stress and tension levels are so high that many suffer from anxiety and insomnia.

Set limits to deal with toxic people at work

The limits are necessary, especially when we are in the presence of people who do not know them and do not respect them. Toxic people tend to overstep limits and not care, so it is very important that you have the determination to establish them.

Expresses and suggests what are the acceptable behaviors and attitudes for the work environment and, in the same way, rejects negative comments or rumors towards other colleagues. You can also set limits on a personal level, distancing yourself from that person or saying "enough!" when enough complaints are already

Do not take it personally

Keep in mind that toxic people are like that with everyone and that it is not exclusively for you, therefore, avoid taking personal comments or bad comments towards you in a very personal way. Remember that these kinds of people tend to feel victims of anything, even if the error was on their part and make us feel like the culprits of that situation.

In most cases, the comments are self-reflective and said at random only with the desire to criticize or complain about an error, so be patient and deaf to words with the intention of discrediting or discrediting.

Talk to your toxic work partner about their attitudes

Communication is essential in these situations so as not to lose your sanity and it is important that you confront that person and tell them what you and the team feel about their attitudes. With respect first and delicacy to avoid susceptibilities, express how uncomfortable you feel with their complaints, gossip and lack of interest in the work.

Let him or her understand as graphically as possible, how his attitudes affect the whole group and reflect on how he or she would feel in the position of the other people in the work environment. Do not forget that communication is the key and if you express yourself properly, there is a good chance that you will understand and change your attitude. It can also help you see how to stop being a toxic person by offering some practical rabbits to manage your emotions and learn to communicate better and more assertively.

Disconnect from work when there are toxic people

The best way to relieve all that tension is by taking a small break or break from that toxic person . If you have good friends at work, go for a coffee after lunch or at the time of departure or meet for lunch and talk and distract a bit.

It is also important to do some recreational activity after work ; You can opt for sports, study or just something as comfortable as cinema. Remember that these situations put us under a lot of stress and pressure and we need to get rid of that before we get home. Practice sports, go out with your partner or with friends outside the office, go to guitar lessons or any other activity that you are passionate about.

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