9 habits to be more creative

Although for many it is a gift, the reality is that creativity can always be stimulated and enhanced in order to have a greater capacity to invent or create new ideas, thoughts or solutions every day. This becomes especially important for all those people whose profession is closely linked to the field of ideas, where innovation is constantly part of our profession or business. If you are blank and looking for inspiration then read on, because in this .com article we give you 9 habits to be more creative that will not fail you.

Live new experiences

"If you want different results, do not do the same". This is one of the best known phrases of one of the most brilliant minds of the twentieth century: Albert Einstein. And it is that when it comes to habits to be more creative, it is very clear that staying in the comfort zone and enhancing the routine is not exactly the right path.

Living new experiences is key to having different and innovative ideas, so read different types of books, try different film genres, walk through new places, talk to people different from you, walk a place you've never been before, practice a sport that you have never done and never close. In a few words, be adventurous! Fill your head with new things and you will see how good ideas begin to flow.

Always have a place to point to

Always have a notebook at hand can be ideal to point out all those good ideas at the time they appear, a way to record creative solutions and then review them calmly. Although you can also use your mobile or a tablet, the good thing that a notebook offers is that you can then review the annotations and rescue any good idea that may have happened to you.

Read, watch, listen, investigate ...

One of the 9 habits to be more creative that you should cultivate is your ability to know more. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more capable you will be of structuring ideas, connecting solutions and finding different answers to everyday problems. That's why we invite you to read more, to stay informed, to cultivate your intellect through all the possible tools.

Wisdom can serve as an inspiration many times, so do not be left alone with superficial knowledge and go further, we assure you that it will be very useful.

Move your body!

It is not only about keeping the brain active, moving our body also significantly influences our ability to create and invent. After a long day working or trying to find solutions to a problem, a good walk in the open air or an intense exercise routine is the key to clear our mind, reduce stress and open ourselves to the possibility of finding much more creative solutions.

Include exercise as part of your usual routine and you can enjoy the benefits of your health and ingenuity.

Learn to observe

Observing the world around us, what other people do, and the way they behave, is basic to coming up with good ideas . Many prominent advertising campaigns, many programs or modern inventions have arisen, precisely, inspired by the behavior or needs of the environment of its creator.

Not enough with our own experiences, knowing the rest is also important, so if you want to enhance your creativity nothing better than sitting in a square or a park to observe, notebook in hand, what happens around you and let the thoughts flow. Surely many good ideas will come to you.

Be curious

Creative people are not satisfied with any answer, they are not satisfied with knowing only the basics, they always want more! Curiosity is part of a creative character and is the primary impulse to invent new things, to devise different and out of the ordinary solutions.

Questioning ourselves about what we observe is an important process of creativity and a habit that should be followed if you want to have good ideas.

Learn to relax too

Among the 9 habits to be more creative, knowing how to relax is as important as working hard for a good idea. Our body and mind need rest, and often it is during those moments of rest when the best ideas appear. This happens because we give our mind space to wander between thoughts, making connections that can often help us create something new.

Do not be afraid to rest, because maybe from those moments something good may arise.

Surround yourself with creative people

If you want to be smarter one of the important recommendations is to surround yourself with intelligent people, and exactly the same happens with creativity. If you are in a creative environment, accompanied by people who have ingenuity, imagination and ability to see beyond, it is much easier to have good ideas.

Our environment greatly influences our inspiration, so the more creative your friends are, the more likely you are to be able to come up with great ideas.

Make a space for rest

It is in our sleep hours when our brain processes everything we have learned during the day, when we manage to repair our body and mind and gain again the energy we need the next day. Sleeping properly is very important for a creative mind, so never underestimate the rest because the better it is the more you will be able to produce in your day to day life.

Sleep at least 7 hours, completely disconnect everything in your hours of rest and give yourself the opportunity to truly relax, you will see how putting these recommendations into practice will increase your productivity.