How breastfeeding benefits my baby

Sure you've heard them a thousand times and that is not news for you, but in .com we want to remind you once again the importance of breastfeeding, and that your milk is the only thing your child needs from birth to 6 months of life, that's why we give you all the reasons why this way of feeding the little one is the best, discover how it benefits your baby breastfeeding

Steps to follow:


The composition of breast milk is perfect, it has all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fats and sugars your baby needs to grow healthy and strong. It is such a great food that until 6 months of age your little one does not need anything else to be healthy


Breastfeeding also becomes a protective shield for your child, because your milk has antibodies that will help you to be safe from various diseases and infections


As the weeks go by and your baby grows his food needs are changing, but that's not a problem as breast milk is changing composition to meet these requirements


The breastfeeding process gives your child safety and helps create a bond between you two that is difficult to imitate with any other feeding method


You also benefit from breastfeeding because thanks to it your uterus and organs return to their normal state faster, also favors the prevention of breast cancer, so that both have the possibility of being healthier thanks to breast milk


And if you have doubts about the subject, we give you some keys so that you know how to breastfeed your baby, how to have more milk to breastfeed and how to take care of the breast during breastfeeding