How to feed a guinea pig

If you have a guinea pig or a guinea pig at home or you are thinking about acquiring one, you should know that your diet is one of the main care you will have to carry out. A guinea pig fed a healthy and varied will enjoy health and look more beautiful, while if you just give it to feed, your pet may get sick. You should bear in mind that these animals do not produce vitamin C by themselves, so it will be necessary to give them foods that contain this nutrient . If you want to know more about the subject, do not miss this .com article about how to feed a guinea pig.

Steps to follow:


Guinea pigs are herbivorous animals, and their diet should be composed of: · Quality hay available 24 hours a day · A good feed enriched with vitamin C · Fresh fruits and vegetables


In this way, our pet must follow a balanced diet, in which cereals and seeds, as well as hay, will be a source of carbohydrates and fiber; while the vegetables help to cover their vitamin needs and part of the necessary liquids.


On the other hand, it will be essential that the guinea pigs always have clean water to drink. Low sodium water is recommended, because these animals are prone to produce stones, and water with a high sodium content would only favor its appearance.


Alfalfa is a food that is recommended to pregnant or lactating females, as well as young and adult females with feeding problems. In all other cases, we should not abuse it, as it could cause problems.


We should not feed our guinea pig with: foods of the human diet such as meat, eggs, dairy products and their derivatives, canned products, canned, frozen ... We will not give them avocado, chocolate, mushrooms, potatoes, onions, garlic, cabbage,