How to feed a Canary prey

If you have a Canary prey as a domestic pet, one of the fundamental care for your health and well-being is feeding. This breed is medium-large in size and requires a considerable amount of food each day. But if you are not sure how to feed your dog you have come to the right place because your food ration is essential for your dog to be healthy, strong and happy. In .com we tell you how to feed a Canary prey .

Steps to follow:


To begin feeding a Canary prey you must take into account, as a starting point, that it is a large dog and will require a large amount of food daily. Based on this, it is convenient that the food ration be divided into several doses ; It is advisable to distribute your food in two parts, one for the morning and another for the evening.

This way, your pet will be well nourished and you will avoid that your stomach is filled in excess, since this could cause gastric torsion, a serious and dangerous pathology. If you are not at home to feed him 2 times, you can prepare your rations in a programmed automatic feeding trough so that you can access it at the scheduled times.

In this article we tell you how the Canary prey is so that you can better understand the needs of this dog.


To feed a Canary prey well, you must provide it with a type of feeding that is biologically appropriate for its canine nature. Taking into account the size and the musculature of your pet it is important to give it mostly meat, both bones and lean but you must also give a small amount of fruits, vegetables and other supplements.

It is not advisable to give feed, especially if it is composed of 90% of cereals. This dog is eminently carnivorous and its diet should be based on this concept because it is much better for your health. This will avoid allergies and all kinds of flavorings, flours, dyes and other substances that are not appropriate.

With a carnivorous diet and a daily dose of exercise, your Canary prey will have a great state of health.


The key to your diet is variety . All meats are allowed, provided it is lean meat and meaty bones; In addition, you must ensure that its nutritional value is balanced and adapted to your needs. It is also recommended some fish but without thorns and not from fish farms.

All the meat can be cooked, preferably boiled. Bones better not cook them because they lose collagen and can splinter, so they do not lose calcium. The viscera are best provided with much moderation because they can contain traces of medication resulting from the filtering done by the animal's organism.


The diet of your Canary prey should include vegetables but to a lesser extent, since it should only be 10% of your diet and you can administer them raw, whole, boiled or pureed. You can provide spinach, lettuce, carrot, pumpkin, broccoli, apple, banana, among other options.

Apart from vegetables and fruits, you can include some supplements in your diet, for example, from time to time you can give kefir, fresh cheese, royal jelly, fish oil, pollen, among others. These complementary foods can not be administered more than 2 times per week.

In this article we discover the fruits that dogs can not eat and in this other the vegetables that they can not eat.


Regarding the amount of food that a Canary prey should eat, you should know that it is around 2% of ideal weight, which does not have to correspond with your current weight. It is recommended that 1.2% be bones, 0.6% lean meat and 0.2% fruit, vegetables or some punctual complement.

This amount may vary according to age, sex, physical activity, whether it is a lactating female, a high-performance pet, temperature, or any other circumstance. This should be evaluated with your veterinarian in a timely manner but the important thing is that you weigh and base on that amount of daily food.