How to feed a puppy labrador

Do you have a labrador puppy at home? Then it is likely that you have a basic question about your care: what do I feed? It is normal that you raise these doubts because the farmers are dogs that are very large and that require specific care to ensure a healthy growth with just and balanced amount of food. In this article we want to help you in the upbringing of your new member of the family so we tell you how to feed a puppy labrador indicating the type of food, the frequency and the recommended amount.

Steps to follow:


The first aspect that we will address in this article is the type of food that you should give to your labrador puppy . You have to know that it is recommended that the first forty days the puppy be with his mother because breast milk is the best source of nutrients that the animal can have. The first 48 hours of lactation is when the mother provides a large amount of defenses to their offspring and essential nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

In the case where you can not leave it with your mother in this first stage, it is advised that you feed her with special milk for puppies that you can find in specialized stores or in your veterinarian.


After a month or a month and a half, the puppies begin to have very sharp teeth and, therefore, the mother will begin to refuse to feed them. This period is known as " weaning " and the change of diet must be done progressively: first change the breast milk for special milk for puppies, then start to give baby weaning porridge (which you will also find in specialized animal stores) and, Finally, you can start feeding your dog.

The suitable food for the farmer of this age should be the one that is special for puppies of big breeds, in this way, you will be feeding your pet with the essential nutrients for its growth. It is recommended that at this stage the dog be given nothing more than I think: neither rice nor ham ... The reason is that the stomach of the labrador puppies is very delicate and can easily have an indigestion or experience vomiting.


Another basic point in feeding a labrador puppy is the frequency of meals . You have to keep in mind that the first months of your life should eat four to five times in small portions so that they have nutrients without getting soaked.

But from the third month you will have to reduce the quantities and give your puppy 3 meals a day distributed in breakfast, lunch and dinner; after 6 months you should reduce the frequency and limit it to 2 daily doses, at noon and at night. Afterwards, the farmers usually eat only 1 time a day depending on their physical and personal needs, so it is important that you go to a veterinarian for advice.


Another aspect that you must take into account to know how to feed a labrador puppy is the amount of food he needs. You have to keep in mind that the amount is increasing depending on the growth of your dog, because his body is getting bigger and requires more energy to function. Thus, the approximate amounts are as follows:

  • From 40 days : it is the time when the dog is weaned, therefore, here the meals will be divided into 4 or 5 takes and the recommended daily amount is 300 grams.
  • From 3 months of age: here the doses are reduced to 3 daily and it is time to increase the dose we give to 400 grams.
  • After 6 months : when we feed him only twice a day but the amount increases to 500 grams per day.
  • Adult : when a farmer is already an adult, the amount of food varies depending on his corpulence, lifestyle and needs. But, approximately, the figure moves between 500 and 600 grams, however, you should advise a veterinarian to feed your dog as needed.

In this article we tell you in a specialized way how much a labrador puppy should eat.