Tips for your dog to obey you

Having a dog as a pet is rewarding since it makes us have a faithful companion. You never feel alone and he is enough reason to get up every morning with a smile. But, what happens when it is a dog that goes to his? What happens when he does not obey ? When this happens we may feel somewhat frustrated by not getting our dog to consider us. That's why from .com we want to guide you with these tips so that your dog obeys you .

Steps to follow:


Make obedience part of your routine and make your interactions with it a part of daily learning. Give him affection, but do not give it to him.


Be sure to start educating him from a young age to ensure greater success when he grows up. But it's never too late to start a workout with your dog.


Make sure that your dog knows what his name is, in this way you can teach him on the leash to pronounce his name with a "come" or "here".


Do not want to know all the first day, you must have patience and perseverance with your faithful companion. It can take perfectly two weeks with a daily practice in learning to fulfill the order that you give. When you break furniture or think you are misbehaving, do not think it is a bad dog, think that you are only learning and that you are the one who should guide you.


Start with basic commands and then you can try more complicated tricks. When you pass the tricks, do them by small steps so you can understand them little by little and internalize them.


Teach your dog that he must obey you to get what he wants. When you have a positive behavior or obey an order, such as coming when you call, use rewards that you like as food, toys, affection, etc. So you'll be encouraging me to repeat it.


When you want to teach him something new like "give me the leg", "sit down", "lie down", etc. wait for him to carry out the order before giving him the prize.To teach him the first times, accompany him so that he knows how to relate your order with what he has A way to accompany him is to help him with signs, so he will also learn to relate your signals to the orders, practice several times a day for five minutes or when your dog begins to lose interest. Be receptive


When leaving home, do not let him leave before you. To leave before you must give permission, but try to go out with him and you first pass through the door.


Never punish your dog physically or yell at him to intimidate him, if you want him to really learn and obey you, bask in the prizes, in the patience and in offering your affection when he manages to do something correctly.


Show him respect as you want me to respect you.