Tips for choosing a cat as a pet

The decision to include an animal as a new member of the family is not an easy task. It is well known that having a pet provides great emotional benefits, but it is important to understand that we must be there to give him love and be able to take care of him as he deserves. Once you have chosen to have a cat as a pet, how to choose the right one for you? It is a decision that you must think well and that is why from .com we will give you some tips to choose a cat as a pet .

Purchased or adopted?

You must think if you want your cat to be adopted or bought. If you are adopted, do not be afraid because cats' associations take care of them very well until the kitten finds a home. This choice would be very successful, since it will give you the same affection and the same affection as if you bought it and also, you would be saving your life and giving it a warm home. There are associations or shelters where cats are free, you just have to sign a commitment paper. Normally they would give it to you sterilized. In others, they make you pay a symbolic price or just the cost of keeping the cat careful.

If, on the other hand, you decide to buy, compare the sites where cats are sold, and make sure that they are taken care of as they deserve and have all the vaccines in order and adequate care. Normally this decision is more expensive economically.

Of race or crossed?

If you decide to have a breed cat you may have to buy it and it will cost you a lot of money. There are cats that are bred because they are sued. If you want a specific breed make sure you find a reputable breeder and make sure you raise them in a good place with the necessary attention and cleanliness. Find out what conditions your pet has lived.

  • With purebred cats, you will know exactly how big they will be, how their fur will be, etc. Although they may have a somewhat more delicate health, you will be able to know the character they will have.
  • Crossed cats, cats that cross one pure race with another, can have characteristics of both parents.
  • With mixed cats, or commonly called street cats, you will not know how it will be even if you can get an idea. Normally they are all short haired, and have stronger health and good character. These cats will be cheaper and even free, and if you do not care about the characteristics of your cat, you can give it a try. Think that it will adapt to your family and give you the same affection .

Cat or kitten?

This can be another dilemma, because if we get a kitten we can educate from very small, but with a cat with the defined character, but you can also educate with patience and a lot of love, it is more about adapting him to you and you the. Of course, with a small kitten, he thinks he is like a baby and that he needs time, patience and affection. If instead, it is an elderly cat, it may take longer to adapt to your home, but with patience and love everything is possible.

What if they are several kittens?

If you already have a cat at home and you decide to have another one, if it is a small kitten it will have less difficulty to adapt to the adult cat, besides there will be little chance of facing the adult cat. In the event that you want to finally have another cat having one at home, it is good that you do it gradually. Let them see each other little by little. You should make your cat accept the other cat. If you want to have several at once, it is advisable to adopt the cats being small at the same time so that they grow together and can generate a bond between them.

Male or female?

In general, males are somewhat more aggressive than females as they mark their territory by urinating through the house, but if it is neutered it will disappear. It can also be the case that a female that is not castrated marks its territory, but it is unusual. When cats, both males and females, are sterilized, they are very good companions and their behavior is practically the same. It will depend on the cat and its character that the behavior varies, since both can be very affectionate and attached and others more autonomous.


Remember when you get your new cat or kitten, notice that you have had healthy living conditions and that you are healthy. To have a cat on a floor or in a house it is important that he is outgoing and sociable, that he has not lived in a wild way since this will have marked him, and although with patience you can get many things, you will always have traits. Once you have everything clear, you only have to enjoy this great companion.