How to feed a Vietnamese pig

Vietnamese pigs are starting to catch on and they are already company pets all over the world. There are many people who have them in flats and take them out for walks in the streets. If you are thinking about buying one of these precious little pigs you have to know some things about them and one of these very important things is to know what foods are better for them.

Steps to follow:


The Vietnamese pigs, in short, are pigs, but it is not advisable to feed them the food for farm pigs, since this food basically serves to fatten them.


The best food you can give your pig is the horse feed, since it has a lot of fiber and few fats.


You have to think that pigs are omnivores, so if you have food, bread, pasta, vegetables, fruit, meat, etc., you can give your pig without problems.


The water always has to be clean, because it gets dirty quickly because they use their nose a lot to lift the sand.


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  • The Vietnamese pigs think all day about eating, this you can use in your favor to get them to listen to you and educate you.
  • Do not give too much food, if the belly of the piglet almost reaches the ground you will have to give less food to thin.
  • Pigs do almost anything to get the food, so if you have the pig at home and keep the food in low cupboards or pantries, make sure to close the doors properly.