How to act in case of fire at home

Although we rarely consider it, it is essential to know what should be done if our house is set on fire . It is clear that it is not an everyday event, but it is possible that it will happen, so it will be important to be prepared. The first thing we have to do is to stay calm so that we have clear steps to follow. In this article, we explain how to act in case of fire at home.

Steps to follow:


First, all family members or household members should try to stay calm and prevent panic from taking over the situation . In case there are children, they should not be left alone at any time.


Also, firefighters should be notified as soon as the fire is detected, 112 is the emergency number that you can contact to warn of a fire in your home.


When it is time to evacuate the house, it is important to do it as quickly as possible and without losing time. Although it costs, you should not stop to rescue belongings because the fire spreads very quickly.


When leaving the house, you should close the door but do not lock the key, as you may have to re-enter.


If it is a floor, the elevator should never be used in case of fire, go down the stairs. If the exits are not blocked, you will have to go down to the lowest floor and in case of finding a big smoke, we will have to go back and look for another alternative exit.


It should always be stuck to the walls and as low as possible, since smoke and toxic gases tend to rise with heat. Also, we must cover our mouths with clothes to try to inhale the least amount of smoke possible.


During the evacuation of the house, it will be necessary to close the doors through which it passes to delay the advance of the fire.


In case you can not leave the house, you should confine yourself in a room, plugging with wet rags the slots of the doors and other places where smoke can enter. Open the windows and try to breathe fresh air.


If our clothes catch fire, we should not run but throw ourselves to the ground covering the face with our hands and rolling over the body so that it goes out.