How much data does Spotify consume?

If you usually listen to music on Spotify, it is quite likely that you downloaded the application on your mobile to listen to your playlists when you are away from home but do you know how much data it consumes? Normally the mobile rates offer specific data with each contract and, if you use Spotify directly with your data connection, it is possible that the deadlines before the end of the month. In this article we tell you how much data Spotify consumes so you can keep track of the megas that this app spends.

Steps to follow:


In order to calculate how much data Spotify consumes we must first bear in mind that this application offers songs of different qualities. In particular there are three different qualities that are the following:

  • 96 kbps
  • 160 kbps
  • 320 kbps: this quality is only available in Premium accounts

Logically, depending on the quality we are listening to, the data consumption will be one or the other. If you have a contracted rate with few megs per month it is recommended that you listen to the songs with worse quality to spend less data.


Generally speaking, the approximate data consumed by a Spotify song depending on the quality you have selected is as follows:

  • If we listen to a song of 96 kbps the consumption is 0.72 MB per minute, therefore, the average consumption of a song is about 2.88 MB in total.
  • If the quality of the song is 160 kbps, the data it consumes will rise to 1.20 MB per minute and, therefore, the average consumption of songs may be around 4.80 MB.
  • In the event that you have hired Spotify Premium and listen to songs with 320 kbps of quality the consumption amounts to 2.40 MB per minute and, therefore, the consumption per song is 9.60 MB, approximately.


Now that you know how much a Spotify song consumes depending on the quality of it, you can make an approximate calculation of the data you spend monthly depending on the number of topics you listen to. For this we need to know how many songs you listen to each month and, taking into account the previous calculation, count how many megabytes you spend for each song. By multiplying both data you will get to know the data you consume with Spotify .

For example, if every month you listen to an amount of 50 songs at an average quality, that is, 160 kbps, the formula that we will have to do to calculate the data we spend would be:

  • 50 songs * 4.80 MB = 240 MB per month we spend with Spotify


To save data on your mobile and be able to listen to Spotify without running the risk of passing the data contracted with your telephone operator, it is advisable either to increase your contracted rate to an unlimited data plan or to listen to this application only when you can connect to a Wifi network; this way you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of this music network but without the invoice of your mobile being damaged.

In this article we give you more tips to consume less data in my mobile rate.