How to feed my cat

The feeding of our pets is an essential point of their health: it allows them to stay energetic and attentive throughout the day but it will also be the key to avoid some important diseases. And in the case of felines we must pay particular attention and take into account their age, physical and sexual activity among other aspects, that is why in .com we prepare a special article for you, discover how to feed your cat in simple steps.

Steps to follow:


You should never feed your cat with the food you prepare for yourself or with leftovers. These animals deserve attention, care and need to take a balanced diet according to their nutritional needs


If your cat is newborn but does not have his mother you should feed him in a very special way, discover how to do it here


To feed your cat takes into account their age and buy the commercial food that corresponds, it contains all the nutrients and vitamins that the animal needs at each stage of his life


An adult cat like once or twice a day, but you should watch the portions because if you exceed the animal could tend to obesity. This point is particularly important in the case of sterilized cats that have an important tendency to gain weight


There is a belief that cats like milk and this is true but you should not give this drink every day because some cats do not process it well, try and if your cat likes it, give it a little once a week


The same goes for fish: "cats love this food, 2 + 2 = 4 I'll give you a can of tuna." DO NOT! can be very harmful to your health, if you want to give tuna purchase canned special for cats never give him the human consumption


This pet is also quite greedy and as soon as you're preparing something you usually go around the kitchen to see if they receive a reward. Avoid it especially in the case of sugars, chocolates and sausages that are dangerous for the animal


It is also important to vary your diet because they tend to get bored. Alternate your food not only changing the flavor, if not suddenly the consistency tests with the dry, then goes to the canning. Give it variety and you will keep it happy


In addition to your food remember to change your water daily so it is always clean and fresh


Finally do not forget to visit the vet to make sure everything is fine with your health. If you have any doubt regarding your diet, always consult a specialist