How to feed the water turtles

Water turtles are excellent pets but like any other animal they require special care and attention to always stay healthy. And one of the aspects that most often concerns the owners is their diet and is that it is not always so clear what kind of food we can give and how to combine it.

That's why in .com we clarify your doubts about it and explain how to feed water turtles to ensure their health.

Steps to follow:


Commercial foods that can be bought in pet stores are a great alternative to feed water turtles because they are usually very nutritious and provide everything these animals need to grow healthy.

However, it is possible that your turtle decides not to eat it, something very common if the pet has been recently caught or if it has not been used to this type of food before. Do not forget that in their natural state they are herbivores or omnivores, depending on the species. In those cases we must opt ​​for other solutions.


If your turtle does not want to eat the commercial food or you want to mix your packaged food with more natural products that make it feel in its natural environment, you can choose several of the alternatives that we give you below.

The first and simplest are the vegetables, remember that these animals appreciate this type of food. A few small pieces of lettuce, carrot, cabbage or cucumber can become a delicious companion for our turtle, who will surely appreciate it.

If you notice that you only eat the vegetables and ignore the commercial food, it is important that you continue to try to give it at least once a week, because after some time many of them usually start eating it.


As for animal protein, fish is a very simple alternative to obtain, because you can give your water turtle a little of the same that you buy for your home, always taking into account that it is not very salty and that it is raw .

Before giving it to the turtle it is advisable to wash it very well to try to remove the fat it may have, however it is good to know that raw fish usually dirty a lot of water so it will be necessary to change it after the animal eats. Avoid giving blue fish (tuna, salmon, sardines) because they have more fat and will make the water more dirty.


The crickets are also an excellent alternative to feed the water turtles. Filled with nutrients and vitamins, they can be easily obtained at pet stores specializing in reptiles, and water turtles usually love them. The quantities will depend on the species and size of the turtle, so in these cases it is best to consult a specialist.


Another good alternative to vary the diet of your water turtle are the larvae, also easy to get in stores specialized in feeding reptiles. They are a great nutritional contribution and the animal will be delicious.


In general, small insects are a good alternative to feed the water turtle allowing you to get away from the typical commercial food. This will prevent you from getting bored. Medium sized ants or house spiders, which we usually find in our home, can become a feast for our pet.


These are some good suggestions but if you have any questions regarding the amount of food you should give to your water turtle, it is best to consult a specialist that guides you accurately.


In addition to feeding the water turtles, you must take into account different aspects regarding their care, among which the following indications stand out:

  • The water that you put inside your turtle's tank must be deep enough so that the animal can swim.
  • It is essential to put a piece of land in the tank so that your water turtle can rest and sunbathe.
  • It is important that you put the turtle tank in a corner of your home where it gives sunlight .
  • The temperature of the fish tank should oscillate between 26 and 28 degrees . It is important that the temperature never falls below 25 because it could cause your turtle to end up getting sick.
  • The water in the tank must always be clean to prevent the spread of diseases in your pet.

In we give you more tips on how to care for a water turtle and get your pet to live in a healthy way.