How to change the iPad's wallpaper

Do you want to fully customize your iPad ? While it is true that there are several ways to do it, one of them is to modify your background : the process is simple and gives a more individual touch to your electronic device. If you still do not know how to change the wallpaper of your Apple product, In .com we teach you to do it step by step:

You will need to:
  • An iPad or iPad 2 device.
Steps to follow:


Go to 'Applications' and select 'Settings'; In the sidebar on the left, press 'Wallpaper' and then click on the button that carries the image of the current background and then select a new representation .


Once the image is opened in full screen, choose: 'Start Screen', 'Applications Screen' or 'Both'.


Once chosen, go to the initial screen of the iPad and you will see the new wallpaper . Easy peasy!