How to change the tire of a car

If you want to change the tires yourself step by step here you will find a very suitable tutorial because we will explain it to you in images. Changing the tire of a car is not easy but it is not impossible if you follow the steps little by little and you have, of course, the necessary tools. The time to change the tire may change in each case.

You will need to:
  • A 4-way wrench
  • spare tire
  • screwdriver
  • a jack
Steps to follow:


You can use a screwdriver to open the hubcap wheel, this will allow you to work better in the tire change . After removing the hubcap you will see the tire nuts. Now you should be able to see the nuts.


We follow step by step, these are the 5 nuts of the tire that you must loosen to be able to change the tire of your car.


The process to remove the nuts and thus change the tire has more magic than it seems. The first thing we will do is present the key to unscrew the tires, this key is usually where you have the spare wheel. The position of the hands is what you see in the photo, you must make a first effort to loosen the nuts and then finish taking the nut. Very important that you just loosen the nuts a little.


If you can not unscrew the tire nuts of your car with your hands, you can do it by using the foot as you can see in the picture.


Locate the cat in the trunk to lift the car, it is very important that you place the jack in the corresponding slot of the bottom of your car, the cat must fit perfectly with that area of ​​the car, but you are putting your integrity at risk because the car You can get rid of the cat. You have to raise the tire until you lift 2 fingers off the ground.


You finish unlocking the tire nuts and we will remove the whole wheel, at this moment you can get a little dirty with what you see carefully so as not to get too dirty . Save the wheel that you have changed in the same place from where you got the new one.


Place the new wheel and put the screws that you had previously removed, make sure the screws are perfectly placed and the tire is attached to the car.


We're almost there, get off the car and take off the cat, you've already managed to change the tire of your car, have you seen how it's not so difficult? Surely you did not imagine that you would be able to change the tire, but if you have succeeded!

  • Loosen the tire nuts before using the jack, otherwise you can not remove the tire from your car.
  • If you can not loosen the nuts with the key you can use the leg, you will make more strength.
  • The placement of the jack to change the wheel of the car has to be very slow and controlled.