What are the differences between neutering and sterilizing my pet

Sometimes the owners of dogs or cats, or animals in general, are not clear about the difference between neutering or neutering their pet, and may even confuse the terms. It is important to know how to differentiate it because it is not the same to neuter an animal than to sterilize it. Therefore, from .com we want to help you understand what are the differences between castrating and sterilizing my pet.

Castration in the pet

When we talk about castration we are referring to an extirpation . That is to say, the sexual glands of your pet are surgically removed. In the case of males, the testicles, and in the case of females, the ovaries. In this way the absence of sexual activity is achieved.

Sterilization in the pet

If we talk about sterilizing your pet, the sexual organs remain intact, with a tubal ligation in the females and vasectomy in the males. In addition, in the case of males, their fertility is avoided but normal sexual behavior is maintained.

Castration vs. Sterilization

The technique of castration is much more drastic and invasive than sterilization. Although it has some advantages such as controlling the character in cases of aggressive animals or with problems of coexistence.

Sterilization also has other advantages such as the prevention of diseases related to the uterus or breasts in females, and prostate in males.

With either of the two options avoids procreation and unwanted litters. But everything will depend on the situation in which you find your pet, consult your veterinarian which option would be appropriate for your animal.