How to train a farmer

The labrador retriever belongs to a complacent and playful race that always wants the company of its owners. It is not necessary for this dog to be a puppy to successfully train it, as farmers are easy to tame at any age. If you intend to train your pet but you think you lack the keys to get it, we teach you step by step how to train a farmer .

Steps to follow:


If your Labrador Retriever is still a puppy, keep in mind that you have to treat him like a baby. Therefore, he will be nervous and will have a hard time understanding how to act when you order something. You just have to have patience to achieve the goal of training, because it is easy to achieve with some steps. But if you are an adult do not despair, because this breed is easy to train.


We begin with the basic step prior to any training . At the beginning you should show him his name, so do this as soon as possible. Each time when you interact with your labrador dog he repeats his name so that he associates it with himself. This way you will recognize yourself and know that you are addressing him.


Remember to congratulate your puppy every time he needs to go out and about. In this way, he will associate the congratulations of his owner to the fact that he has behaved well, and will motivate him to act again in the same way. The labrador must go to the washing when it wakes up, after eating and before going to bed.

However, if it is a puppy, it is a good idea to take it out of the house every half hour, since your bladder is still difficult to control. So if your pet can not stand and leave a gift inside the house, never hit him. Adhere it until you can understand that it is outside where you should do those things.


The training should last about ten minutes per session, because dogs have a limited sense of attention. In addition, you must teach your dog basic actions such as climbing and climbing stairs, riding on elevators and walking on different surfaces. In this way you will become familiar with these situations and will be able to face these obstacles when required.


There is no point in scolding your farmer during training, so the only way he can recognize that he has not done well is to ignore him by sending him to his house for a while. On the other hand, if you obey your orders always offer a prize as a cookie or special food and praise or give your love.


Teach your dog not to jump on people who are, especially because it can weigh more than 40 kg. and must learn to socialize. To do this you must get a leash and a collar that hold your Labrador well every time you take a walk, which must be often because these dogs love being outdoors.


Regarding the basic orders for dogs :

  • First, it is important that the farmer knows the meaning of the word "No" when you emit it. To do this, you must say it after your name . This applies to any other order you wish to give. So first I gave his name, so he knows that you are addressing him, and then the command.
  • To order him to sit down you should use the word " Sit ", and at the beginning you will have to educate him yourself by pushing his back down to get him to sit down. Give him a prize when he stays seated and will associate the action to your order as well as the reward.
  • On the other hand, you can make him lie down with the order " Acuéstate " or " Abajo ", placing a prize at ground level and giving it to him when he goes to bed.
  • You can also teach the order " Come " or " Follow " to accompany you attached to your leash, and when you want to stop the ride say " To " at the same time you pull your leash, but remember to give your deserved reward if you fulfill your orders .
  • These actions you must repeat during several sessions until you understand them, so you will need to be patient and not give up.