How to train a German shepherd

The German shepherd, apart from being an extraordinary race, beautiful, strong and energetic, they are very intelligent, sociable and loyal. If you want to have a faithful and well-educated companion for life, you should start your education process from a very young age. The earlier the training is, the better it will assume its role. The German shepherd is dominant by nature and would love to be the master of everything, but from .com, we are going to tell you how to train a German shepherd .

Steps to follow:


As we have mentioned, the German shepherd is a powerful, majestic and dominant race by nature. Hence the importance of early education to control that character. If you educate from puppy, you will channel your personality and temperament to do what you want.


To begin with the education of your German shepherd it is convenient that you teach him who is the one who sends. The shepherd is a leader of the pack, an alpha male that because of his genetic inheritance will try to impose himself in your home. You should always eat before your little dog, and you will let him do it when you tell him to. If you go out for a walk with him, or go up the stairs, you always see ahead.

After a training session, you must always finish with the toy in your hands. These are all routines for your dog to know who is the master and who should answer to you. It is essential to teach this role to your dog because if they believe that they command, they can become aggressive, disobedient and do whatever they want at all times.


Try to exercise your German shepherd puppy daily. It is a race with a lot of energy and needs to channel it with sport, games and training. If you do not, your dog will feel sad, frustrated and may develop some destructive and disobedient behavior. So give him good long walks, run, walk, play, so calm your spirit and energy. Besides keep it fit, healthy and very cheerful. And always remember to take it with the right strap to your weight, because with it you will coordinate many orders and you can control it.


It is essential that your puppy is related to more people and other types of animals. The process of socialization is crucial for your dog to develop well and assume the relationship with other beings as natural. When you go for a walk, take him to places where he can interact with strangers. The German shepherd is a race with a lot of security, but they can be disturbed by the presence of others. This insecurity in front of strangers must correct it, because it can become a certain aggressiveness. Motivate him to approach others, give him pampering, reward his good behavior, you will see how the result will be a dog free of fears.


With your German shepherd you must be firm and repetitive in your training . Learn better if you are consistent with the routines when teaching. If you use different orders to make your needs in a specific place you will confuse it. If you always use the same command, you will end up learning it and perseverance is the key. And as long as you get it right, do not forget to give it a good reward .