How to prepare a job interview in English

Every time English is more important in our lives and there are many jobs that are achieved thanks to the mastery or not of this universal language. In we give you the keys that will help you to do a good job interview in English and have more options to get the job. It's good to know some things you should or should not do in an English interview, such as never apologize for your level and language proficiency. However "regular" your level may be, be sure of yourself and do not hesitate. And if you do not understand something that you have been asked, do not be afraid to ask me to repeat the question ( I'm sorry Can you repeat the question please? ). If you want to know more about how to prepare a job interview in English keep reading our article.

Frequently asked questions in an interview in English

As in any job interview, there are some questions that are sure to make you during the interview in English yes or yes. It is important that you prepare the typical questions and know how to answer them quickly, take them prepared as if it were a speaking test. Some of the most frequent questions are:

  • How do you define yourself ?: How do you define yourself?
  • Why I should hire you ?. Why should I hire him?
  • What is your interesting in this job ?: What interests you in this job?
  • What did you study ?: What have you studied?
  • What do you know about us ?: What do you know about us?
  • What are your favorite fields ?: What are your favorite fields?
  • Tell me about your responsibilities at your latest job: Tell me about the responsibilities of your last job.
  • Are you interested in a full-time job? Or in a part-time job ?: Are you interested in a full-time job? Part-time?
  • Where do you think that you will be in 5 years ?: Where do you think you will be in 5 years?
  • Tell me about your latest work experience: Tell me about your last work experience

There are other questions more focused on your personal life, but that is very likely to be done to you:

  • Do you live alone ?: Do you live alone?
  • Have you got boyfriend / girlfriend ?: Do you have a boyfriend?
  • Are you married ?: Are you married or married?
  • Have you got any children ?: Do you have children?

How to answer the questions in the interview

The above questions can ask you in many ways and you must know how to answer them well. For example, imagine that they tell you: Tell me about your life (tell me about your life ), to answer this question, use words like hardworking ( hardworking person), responsible person ...

If for what you are asked is because of your interest in the company and in the workplace, you can use phrases like: I think that I will fit perfectly in your company ( I think I will fit perfectly in your company ), I will feel proud to work in your company (I will be proud to work in your company), I'm sure that I will be very helpful for your team ( I'm sure I will be very useful for your team).

Another frequent question is always: What are your strong points? (What are your strengths?) . When they ask us this question, it is time to take our chest and show why we consider ourselves a competent person for that particular job, speaking of our professional and personal qualities.

To talk about your skills, some of the ones that will best speak about you for a job are: organized (organized), perfectionist (perfectionist), efficient (efficient), creative (creative), proactive (proactive), good at decision making (good at making decisions) or good at problem solving (good at solving problems).

As for your weaknesses ( What are your weak points? ), Confess your more "normal" flaws and that are less compromising, for example: I'm too perfectionist (I'm too perfectionist).

The question of money is also often missing: How much money do you want to earn? (How much money do you want to earn?). It is not nice to talk about money, but it is an important point in job interviews. The first thing you have to be clear is that it is always better to dismiss the issue, instead of that, talk about challenges and the average salary that is usually paid in that position - for that you should have studied it beforehand. So, a good answer would be: money is a secondary thing for me . I'm looking for a challenge. In any case, I know that the salary for a job like this is around X euros (money is secondary to me, I am looking for a challenge , in any case, I know that the salary for a job like this is around X euros) .

Basic tips for a good job interview

There are things that do not depend on the language, remember the basic tips to overcome any interview, be it in the language that is. No matter how good your English is, you can smash your leg if you do not follow the following basic recommendations:

  1. Find out everything you can about the company and the job you are applying for. Going well informed will help you give better answers to questions such as: why do you want to work in our company? or what can you contribute to this company?
  2. Memorize the name of your interviewer.
  3. Take your lesson well learned about your strengths and weaknesses, or your skills and knowledge.
  4. Always confirm your attendance. Even if they send you an email telling you date and time, it is convenient that you answer it to inform them that you will go.
  5. At least 5 minutes arrive soon, although better if there are 15 to have time to relax or go to the bathroom. What you can never do is arrive late and arriving punctually is always a bit "fair".
  6. Go alone or alone, never with your partner, brother or sister, mothers or fathers or friends.
  7. Always carry the curriculum with you, even if you know you already have it.
  8. Take care of your clothes, your hair and your appearance in general. You may be interested in our article how to dress for a job interview.
  9. When you interview with your interlocutor, always talk about you (this in English is much simpler, since the same formula is used for you and for you: you ).
  10. Other tips are: do not sit down until they tell you, do not interrupt, keep the smile, look him in the eye, do not play with anything you have in your hands, keep a good posture, always tell the truth, show enthusiasm for work ...

In we explain in depth how to act in a job interview in case you are interested in knowing all the tricks.