How to request work references to a company

When we go to a job interview, it is likely that in addition to asking about what we put in our curriculum vitae, the company wishes to have our references or a letter of recommendation of places where we have worked previously, to make sure that we are good employees We can request this in those companies that we have been part of, so in this article of .com we will explain how to request work references to a company.

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Steps to follow:


The first step is to determine to which person we want to ask for references. We assume that these references seek to highlight our qualities and good work, so it must be a person who has been close to us in our work, and who recognizes our skills and can speak well of us. Ideally, this person would be our superior, boss or supervisor, since that will add credibility.


Ideally, we should have enough trust with that person to be able to request the letter to them directly, which generally will not be a problem if they agree that our work with them was adequate. Otherwise, we can request it from the Human Resources department so they can talk to our boss to see if he agrees, but it is not advisable.


We will have to give you an approximate idea of what aspects they should discard about us in the letter that they will elaborate, but without that means that we write it ourselves. Some ideas are:

  • Concrete skills that we possess and that stands out.
  • Type of work performed.
  • Projects in which we have been part.
  • Our motivations and concerns.
  • Involvement in the activities of the company, etcetera.


It is important that the letter we receive is reviewed before delivering it in a job interview, since it may not adapt to what they ask us in all the interviews we go to.


It must be borne in mind that some companies whose policies determine that they do not make reference to their employees, only objective information about the work performed, hours of work and other similar data.


Finally, make a token of gratitude to the person who has made the reference, because thanks to it we will increase our chances of obtaining a job.