How to apologize to my boss

You made an error at work . You said things to your boss that you regret or, maybe, did something you should not. Now is the time to amend the mistake and talk to your boss to retract. For that, he throws a cable with some simple instructions on how to apologize to your boss.

Steps to follow:


Do not give more thought to the head. What you did, done is. Try to calm down and seek an explanation of what happened. Analyze the situation and do not worry too much, every problem has a remedy.


Ask for advice from coworkers. They also know your boss, so they can be of great help when trying something original and sober to ask for forgiveness to the boss. Accept what other employees say and select your ideas, so you'll get something more homogeneous and better to apologize to your boss.


Write down what you want to say on a piece of paper and prepare it as if it were a speech. Make an effort to your apology and practice a lot at home.


Find the right time to talk to your boss. Do not do it with other people in front, but take advantage when you are alone. It will be much easier for you to apologize to your boss and, in addition, you will avoid exposing yourself to others. Being alone and in your office is the best time to speak calmly and to listen to everything you have to say.


Be honest in your words . Sincerity is always noticed and is something that many managers value very positively. Start with words of apology and continue with your argument. While doing so, look directly in the face and do it seriously. You do not smile unless he takes iron out of it.


Finally, listen to what your boss responds to your apology. Whatever it is, do not get angry and accept it. The mistake has been yours, not yours.