How to organize a notebook with notes

Surely you've ever found a loose leaf that you do not know what topic of your notebook corresponds. You would not even know how to place it within a subject. A notebook with your notes well organized will help you in the study. If you are not sure how to do it, from .com we have prepared the following article with a series of recommendations. So, do not stop reading How to organize a notebook with notes.

You will need to:
  • notebook
  • colored pens
  • photocopies
Steps to follow:


The first element to take into account to organize a notebook is to put your name, the group you belong to and the name of the subject on the first page of the notebook . In this way, if you lose it, whoever finds it can return it easily or leave it in the concierge.


You must treat each topic individually. That is, start taking notes on a new sheet for each topic. Place the title in big and organize it in subtitles. Once you have finished the topic, you can number the pages and underline the most important titles.


If during the subject, the teacher brings you photocopies, you must integrate them in your notebook . So, if they are made on one side, you should paste them in the part of the notebook that corresponds. Another option is, if they are made double-sided, stapled to the sheets of the notebook. In this way, you will make sure that you always have the corresponding pages in the corresponding place and they will not be lost.


Record the date daily in your notebook . This is a good form of organization, since if you miss a day, it will not be difficult for you to recover the subject taught. In addition, you can see the duration of a lesson for example.


Check the notes of your notebook at home. Thus, you can verify that everything you have written makes sense and you understand it. In addition, it will be a good way to review the content, spelling and grammar and correct possible errors.


Remember that you should take the notes in a way that allows you to readability later. If you like to organize the notes with colors, go ahead; but that later they do not prevent you from reading them. The most used pens are blue and black; but use some other color to highlight, if that helps you in the study, it does not hurt.

  • The ideal would be to have a type of notebook in which you could integrate all the sheets that you deliver, file type.