How to handle a difficult boss

Relations between human beings are not simple, but if they are framed in the workplace and we add stress, complex personalities and a boss who, far from being a good manager and mediator, is rather a complicated person, the result can be a pump of important proportions. Nobody is exempt from this scenario, and for sure in your career you have run into this situation, so in .com we give you some tips so you know how to handle a difficult boss without it ruining your life

Steps to follow:


A difficult boss is characterized by having a personality that highlights the bad character, impulsivity, intolerance, stubbornness and lack of flexibility and understanding


There are three important things to take into account when dealing with a difficult boss: maturity, patience and tolerance. The key is to find out if this job allows you to grow and develop as a professional, if the answer is affirmative, concentrate on it and obviate the unpleasant attitude of your superior, it is not simple but it is possible


Before a difficult boss it is very important that the employee knows their own value, and that seeks to stimulate growth without waiting for someone to lead him to that path, because this type of superior is characterized by not giving any kind of encouragement to their employees


Do not focus your work objectives on the bad attitude of your boss, but rather on the goals of the corporation, in this way you can work better


Avoid being the cause of a negative organizational climate, that is, strive to do a good job in the right way, to be attentive to details and to be a good professional. Even difficult bosses tend to notice when they have capable employees on their team


Show yourself as a capable, proactive, responsible employee that is your good attitude and the results of your work that speak for you


On many occasions a difficult boss needs a trained team at his side to mitigate the fears and insecurities that make him behave that way, as this reduces part of his tensions, take it into account


If in spite of concentrating on your work and maintaining a good attitude, this supervisor is simply killing you and making you hate your job, the best thing you can do for your health is to request a transfer to another department or look for a new job, finally your mental well-being is priority

  • Emotional intelligence and professionalism will be your best allies when it comes to dealing with a difficult boss
  • Sometimes inside that complicated supervisor hides someone full of insecurities, while you prove that you are capable he or she may be able to relax