How to handle a conflicting co-worker

In the current labor market, there are more and more jobs in which the need to work in a team prevails, our ability to do so will tell us a lot about us as professionals. But of course this is not always a simple task, and is that sometimes we find in the work group a highly conflictive person, which hinders the dynamics and fluidity of the activities. So how do you handle a conflicted co-worker?, in .com we give you some keys to take into account.

Determine what type of conflict is

There are people in conflict in their life in general, but in the end they end up going ahead at work without major damage, this type of people presents fewer problems. But there are the conflicts that not only hinder the dynamics but also generate serious difficulties : spread rumors, interweave negative comments, favor the dispute instead of calm, constantly blaming the other for the failures, seek to sabotage the other as it is, this will be the case that we will address.

When the conflict affects you and when it does not

If a partner of this style does not affect your work with his attitude, it can be annoying, but with marking the limits and distance you will have enough. The problem is when your conflicting attitude directly influences your performance, making you the victim of attacks and uncomfortable situations, in this case you must act in a preventive way to protect yourself from a bigger situation. How ?, keep reading.

Save some evidence

It is important to take care of your back, so file all those emails and writings that serve as proof of your performance and that of people in conflict. Orders that you have given, projects that have shared where the strategies and negative reactions of the character in question are revealed and any material that is useful to reveal your attitude problems. This will serve to defend you in case it is necessary.

Do not neglect your tasks

Be attentive with your work and do not allow any task assigned to your person to be performed by the conflicting partner, because he could use it to attack you claiming that you do not do your job. It is important to concentrate on your own performance and never leave aside your abilities as a good worker, do not let your attitude be reflected in your results.

Speak directly to the conflictive

It is important to face the problem and not allow it to happen to seniors, it shows that one of the parties seeks to solve the problem and understands that you can not change the nature of the person, but to improve their work attitude. Do not enter into controversial issues or discussions, raise the situation and try to find solutions for the future and open your mind to understand their reasons.

Strengthen relationships with your other colleagues

When someone has done and continues to do their job well, when they get along with their peers, when the results are obvious and out of nowhere someone who alters the whole system appears, it is very easy to determine who is the troublemaker, so try to take a good relationship with your colleagues, that your work behavior is the one that speaks for you .

Go to your boss

If all of the above fails, it is important to talk to your boss based on concrete evidence and cases. Depending on the type of work and organization you are in, it is very possible that your boss has already noticed that there is a problem with this person, because a conflicting partner usually jumps into view . If that has not happened then go prepared to your meeting to demonstrate what happens.

Calm and patience

It is important that you remember to be calm and patient and that in this situation you do not lose the perspective of what your work is . Sometimes it can be delayed, but conflicting co-workers often give strong signals that reach a point where it is impossible for everyone to ignore them, so sooner or later the situation will change.

  • Never fall into the game of a conflicting partner, you can not put yourself at their level, think with intelligence and strategy.
  • The situation can be exhausting, but your ability to deal with it speaks a lot about your work attitude, remember it.