How to clean the rooms of schools, classes and common spaces

Classes, toilets and common rooms at school are a potential source of illness in children. Surfaces like desks and drinking fountains are touched by many small hands every day. Proper cleaning ensures that germs and bacteria that are transferred to or reside on these surfaces are removed before causing the disease. The dust must be controlled to handle the health problems it may cause. The school rooms can be cleaned by a well-trained staff that is knowledgeable about the control of dust, germs and bacteria, and is dedicated to making the school rooms a healthy and clean environment for children.

Steps to follow:


It uses less caustic and dangerous products, which offer the optimal cleaning and disinfection ranges. School maintenance professionals and bedeles should also be aware of the potential side effects caused by cleaning products. Use cleaning tools based on microfiber, instead of cloth mops, to clean surfaces and particles.


Catch dust, both air and that is installed, with a vacuum system. It uses modern suction systems that use HEPA filters and other air filtering devices to control dust. Removes dust from protruding surfaces, such as fan blades, tall shelves, as well as common areas and carpets.


Clean surfaces before disinfecting. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the dilution and application of cleaning products. Clean and dry carefully. Some soap scum and cleaners may interfere with disinfection products.


Disinfect surfaces properly by applying a disinfectant. Follow the manufacturer's instructions, regarding the application time for proper disposal. Daily disinfects high traffic areas of children, such as shared desks, bathrooms, drinking fountains and door knobs.


Keep floors clean by using mops that trap dirt in high traffic areas. Remove and clean carpets regularly and clean floors. Clean spills of organic chemicals with special absorbent and disinfectant products, following the manufacturer's instructions.


Every day clean the common areas of the school, the game room, the dining rooms, etc. Special attention must be paid to the rooms where meals are handled.

  • Create a cleaning protocol for the school rooms.