How to impress my boss

A successful professional career can depend many times on the boss we have. In addition to being a professional person, you achieve your goals, a fundamental recommendation is to win over your boss, something that is not always easy. The most important thing in these cases is to try to get to know you and promote your strengths in favor of your needs. This way, you will get impressed and who knows, maybe the salary increase or responsibility will arrive soon. If you put into practice a series of tips that we propose in order to impress your boss, you will see how your work situation improves.

Steps to follow:


Learn to know your boss and find out what he is looking for . If you are looking for an analytical person, try to make reports or jobs where your analytical skills shine. I'm sure you impress him in some meeting.


Take decisions. Normally decision-making is a skill highly valued by bosses, so when it comes to impressing you try to be proactive, make decisions and, of course, have arguments that support them. Nobody wants on their team people who do not reason or are not coherent.


Being punctual in the work, both with the schedules and with the deadlines of delivery of the projects is something highly valued by the bosses. Respect deadlines of projects is a matter much appreciated by superiors, so if it costs you to meet deadlines, apply.


To impress your boss you must be an organized person, show him that you have controlled work and that any question he asks you, you know how to solve. If you are a disorganized person, you do not know the status of the projects or follow up on the topics, you will probably be nervous when asked and of course, you will not be impressed.


Learning to make your successes the successes of your boss is, without a doubt, one of the most important ways to impress him. It is not always easy to share the successes, many times we want them for us. But remember that a good boss always values ​​his team and that the successes of his team are also his, so he learns to share them with him.


The people who know how to work in a team are also highly valued by the bosses, because these people usually generate a good atmosphere, they are usually very appreciated by their colleagues and they work for an organization. Leave the individualism at home, and develop more your ability to work as a team, you will see how your boss appreciates and values ​​you.


Communication with your boss is a skill that you must exploit to the fullest. Try to keep him inoformed of your work, of your decisions and try not to saturate him either. Here you must maintain the balance between informing and not saturating, but without forgetting that you should try to communicate with him effectively and effectively.


You must try to stand out in what makes you different. Take advantage of your strengths to "sell" them within the organization as the most important differentiating points and that make you more special or more essential.


Try to stay always informed in the area in which you develop, at the level of content, at a technical level ... It is not worth having a job and letting the years pass. Technologies advance, information changes, and keeping up is often highly valued by organizations and bosses.